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"A/S Nordica"
stocks and distributes from strategically selected warehouses in Denmark and Sweden to secure just in time delivery for the plastics and rubber markets.

"Advanced Polymer Alloys APA"

anufactures Alcryn, a thermoplastic elastomer which produces rubber parts with high productivity on thermoplastic processing equipment.

"Akzo Nobel"

operates in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Coatings, and Chemicals. Supplier of rubber chemicals.

"Ameripol Synpol Corp."

produces and supplies the rubber, adhesives, paint & coatings, textile, concrete, paper and other industries with the highest quality polymers available.

"Amster Ltda."

rubber, chemicals, and rubber raw materials from Chile.

"Ashland Chemical Co."

specialty chemical manufacturer, one-stop source for performance chemicals, resins, plastics, adhesives, and waste and energy management services for industry.

"ASN Plastics Inc."

distributor of plastic and rubber sheets, rods, tubes, films, blocks & slabs for all industrial and commercial applications.

"Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc."

leader in innovative mold release agents, processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the plastic and rubber industries.

"Bann Quimica Ltda."

manufacturer of Rubber Chemicals: rubber accelerators, antioxidants and antiozonants sold under the commercial names Banac, Banox and Banzone.

"Bayer Hispania Industrial, S.A."

manufacturer of synthetic rubber and other rubber chemicals.

"Chevron Products Co."

provides water white paraffinic process oils to the rubber industries for use as a plasticizers or extender. Have wide use in TPE and EPDM.

"Cromogenia Units, S.A."

manufactures and distributes raw materials for the rubber, latex and plastic industries. Offer a wide selection of chemical products.

"Dae Heung Ind. Co. Ltd."

produces HDPE, LDPE, ECB, EVA membranes up to 6 meters wide, thickness 0.8mm to 4.0mm. Also produces rubberized asphalt sheet.

"DCA (M) Marketing Sdn Bhd"

specialise in exporting of raw materials to the glove, condom and rubber industries such as latex, chemicals, corn starch.

"De Walque & Associates"

supplies specialty chemicals, binders and polymers in Europe.


leader in polymer distribution throughout Europe and a partner to some of the worlds finest polymer producers.

"DSM Group"

supplier of EPDM, SBR and NBR rubber, Sarlink TPV and engineering plastics.


rubber curing agents, EPDM, rubber accelerators and other chemical products.


producer of fluoropolymers, TFE elastomers, fluorothermoplastics, polymer processing additives and rubber chemicals.


importer and distributor of chemicals for a wide range of applications, including footwear and industrial rubber products, and of rubber processing machinery.

"General Química, S.A."

manufactures accelerators and antioxidants for rubber, reagents, pigments, dyes and other chemical products. Site in english and spanish.

"Guzman Cauchos, S.A."

importers and markets natural rubber, SBR, BR, other synthetic rubbers, accelerators, and auxiliary products.

"H.M. Royal Inc."

provides sales, service and technical support to the polymer compounding industry, offering polymers, fillers, plasticizers, additives, FRSS, more.

"Ismael Quesada, S.A."

spanish distributor of any kind of rubber chemicals and synthetic rubbers.

"Kaucuk A.S."

wide range of products ranging from basic grades of butadiene-styrene rubber KRALEX, liquid polybutadiene KRASOL, to polystyrene plastics, KOPLEN and FORSAN.

"Lord Corporation"

formulates, manufactures and markets a wide range of adhesives and coatings that bond or protect such substrates as metals, synthetic elastomers, rubber.

"M.F. Cachat Co."

chemical manufacturers agent and distributor serving the coating/ink, rubber, plastic, adhesive/sealant and food industries.


full line chemical manufacturer.

"Millenium Chemicals Inc."

makes titanium dioxide for the brightness, opacity, and durability it adds to many products in coatings, paints, plastics, papers, rubber, more.

"Nexul Supply Company"

industrial distributor of mold releases, purging compounds, custom molded plastics, custom molded rubber, adhesives, lubricants and cleaners.

"Passaic Rubber Co."

makes specialty chemicals including anionic surfactants used to produce high solids styrene butadiene rubber latexes and in PVC, PVA and acrylic latexes.

"Pentachem Inc."

distributes and markets raw materials including pigments (dry color, flush colors, dispersions), dyes-powders, additives for plastic, rubber, more.

"Repsol Derivados, S.A"

raw materials for the rubber industry: plastifiers, vulcanization products and others.

"Ricardo Molina, S.A."

distributor of specialty chemicals in Spain.

"RubiChem, Inc."

dedicated to providing the best rubber anti-tacks at the lowest possible price.

"Shanxian Chemical Co., Ltd."

professional plant producing rubber chemicals: accelerator and anti-ageing agent. A main producer in this field in China.

"Smooth-On Inc."

specialized liquid plastics, mold-making compounds, release agents and liquid rubbers. The company also is expanding into silicones.


italian producer of thermoplastic rubber compounds for the footwear industry.

"Valley Rubber Mixing/ Glo-Mold"

a supplier of custom-mixed rubber compounds, rubber chemical dispersions, calendered goods.

"Vigar, S.A."

specialist in rubber chemicals and custom rubber compounding.

"Youngu Assemble Co., Ltd."

adhesives for industrial use including potting type epoxy resins, UV resins, spary glue, loctite, anaerobic adhesives, R.T.V. silicon adhesive & hot melt guns.

"Zhihai Skyhigh Chemicals Co. Ltd."

produces organic pigments, dyestuffs, colorants and specialty chemicals. High performance and low price.

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