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Privacy Policy

With reference to the data acquired by filling our the "Free Newsletter" for the purpose of Registering to our community, to our RSS services, and/or adding your site to our business directory database through the "ADD URL form", our company would like to inform you that:

  • The data are handled in order to allow more efficient management of business. The data shall be handled in writing and/or with the use of disks, electronic or computer aids.
  • The provision of the data is compulsory, therefore any refusal to provide data or to allow data to be handled at a later time, may make it impossible for the writer to carry out the free link relations and the use of services requiring of your email.
  • Failure to provide any of the data which do not concern legal or contractual obligations, on the other hand, shall be evaluated by the writer on each occasion, and shall determine subsequent decisions depending on the importance placed by the writer on the requested data not being provided with respect to the free link relations in course.
  • Apart from the communication and distribution of messages carried out to fulfil free link relation, data may also be communicated to the following parties in Italy and abroad:
    • Dealer Network;
    • Credit Institutions;
    • Credit collection Companies;
    • Credit insurance Companies;
    • Business information Data Banks;
    • Professional persons and consultants;
    • Third party subjects in charge of the execution of activities directly connected or instrumental to the distribution of our services;
    • Businesses with whom Tradenet srl has signed commercial agreements useful to the growth and distribution of the portal;
    • Businesses offering goods and/or services and related to product and service categories advertised on the Internet, with whom Tradenet srl has signed commercial agreements, aimed to verify the level of satisfaction of such products and/or services.
  • Your personal data can be transferred abroad but only in accordance with the terms of the current legislation in Italy
  • The data shall be handled for the whole period of the Tradenet srl site and also later to fulfil any obligations according to the law as well as for future business purposes.
  • With regard to the actual data, your Company may exercise the rights provided by the Italian Government,
  • The company Tradenet srl , having its head office in Schio (VI) 36015, Via lago di Lugano 15, is the Holder of your personal data, and Enrico Talin is the Person Entitled to the managment of you data
  • With regard to the handling of personal data, the concerned party is entitled to:
    • have free access to the register in order to ascertain the existence of the handling of data which may concern the party;
    • obtain, without delay, from the holder or person responsible:
      1. the confirmation of the possible existence of personal data concerning the party, even before their recording, and notification of the said data and their origins in an intelligible form, as well as the reasons and objectives on which handling is based; the request may be renewed after an interval of at least ninety days provided that justifiable grounds are recognized;
      2. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or halting of unlawfully handled data, including those which need not be kept in relation to the purpose for which the data were gathered or subsequently handled; 3) the updating, correction or, when necessary, integration of data;
      3. the updating, correction or, when necessary, integration of data;
      4. the declaration that the operations mentioned in items 2) and 3) together with their contents have been made known to those to whom the data were communicated or distributed, except in the case where this proves to be impossible or involves a omission of means which is manifestly disproportionate to the protected right;
    • refuse on legitimate grounds, in whole or in part, the handling of its own personal data, even though these are pertinent to the purpose of gathering;
    • refuse, in whole or in part, the handling of its own personal data in relation to business information, advertising material mailing, direct sale, market research or interactive business communication, and also be informed by the holder about the possibility of freely exercising this right, no later than the time the data are communicated or distributed.
  • in the case where the existence of data relating to the concerned party is not confirmed, the said party may be asked for a contribution to expenses, not greater than the costs actually incurred, according to the methods and within the limits set out by current legislation of Italy
  • with reference to the personal data regarding deceased persons, may be exercised by whoever may be concerned.
  • , the concerned party may confer proxy or power of attorney, in writing, to individual persons or associations.
  • The standards relating to professional secrecy of those who practice the profession of journalism remain valid, limited to the source of the item of news.

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