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"Alternative Rubber & Plastics, Inc."
Alternative Rubber & Plastics is a distribution and development company with a strong focus on Rubber, plastics and specialty elastomers.

"Ameraflex Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc."

complete line of natural and synthetic rubber, rubber goods and moulding.

"Amster Ltda."

rubber, chemicals, and rubber raw materials from Chile.


the Rubber Business Unit produces Polysar synthetic rubber, Taktene polybutadiene rubber, Baypren polychloroprene rubber, and many more.

"Bayer - World of Rubber"

web site of FAR Division of Bayer Corporation in the United States.

"Bayer Hispania Industrial, S.A."

manufacturer of synthetic rubber and other rubber chemicals.

"Bharat Enterprises: Adhesive, Raw Materials, Polyurethane, Chemical"

Adhesive raw materials,polyurethanes,polychloroprene rubbers, primers, cross linking agents

"Bhimrajka Impex, Ltd."

distributors of synthetic rubber, masterbatches, rubber chemicals, specialty rubber, etc.


manufacture of soft polyurethane foam rubber, polyethylene and specialty products.

"Carst & Walker"

Rubber Industry Group of Carst & Walker supplies raw materials, services and machinery to the industrial rubber goods and more of the Southern African economy.

"Chemical Sciences"

industrial organic chemistry: synthetic rubber.


custom compounds, silicone and fluorosilicone rubber to fabricators with emphasis on automotive, electrical, healthcare and aerospace applications.


full service custom compounder of high performance FKM compounds, specialty compounds and additives.

"De Walque & Associates"

supplies specialty chemicals, binders and polymers in Europe.

"DSM Group"

supplier of EPDM, SBR and NBR rubber, Sarlink TPV and engineering plastics.


rubber curing agents, EPDM, rubber accelerators and other chemical products.

"DuPont Dow Elastomers"

offers a wide variety of products ranging from thermoset rubber polymers used by the general rubber industry to high performance fluoroelastomers.


producer of natural and synthetic rubber sheet, rubber tape and rubber thread for sport apparel, swimwear, clothing, undergarments, diapers, golf ball, more.

"EniChem Ibérica, S.A."

distributor of synthetic rubber in the spanish market: E-SBR, S-SBR, HSR, SBS (TR), SIS, NBR, NBR-GREEN, NBR-OZO, EPDM, EPR, CR, more.

"Enterplast, Inc."

distributor of synthetic rubber and engineering plastics.

"Eurochimind srl"

rubbers, chemicals for rubber.

"Exxon Chemical Company"

supplier of chemical raw materials, fluids, plasticizers, lube and fuel additives, synthetic rubber, plastics and other petrochemical products.

"Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company"

manufactures and markets synthetic rubber and other polymers worldwide.


Mexican group of companies that produce a variety of chemicals products like synthetic rubber, nutritional additives, black carbon, adhesives, other products.

"GPG GreenWood Publishing Group, Inc."

leading publisher of academic, reference, trade, general interest, and professional books, with online description. A book on synthetic rubber available.

"Guzman Cauchos, S.A."

importers and markets natural rubber, SBR, BR, other synthetic rubbers, accelerators, and auxiliary products.

"H.A. Aslett & Co., Inc."

serves consumers in North America who need good quality natural and synthetic rubbers, backed by dependable service, at a fair price.

"H.M. Royal Inc."

provides sales, service and technical support to the polymer compounding industry, offering polymers, fillers, plasticizers, additives, FRSS, more.

"Internacional de Polímeros, S.L. - INPOL"

distributor of natural and synthetic rubber.

"Isler & Walter"

offers natural and synthetic rubber and other materials and products.

"Ismael Quesada, S.A."

spanish distributor of any kind of rubber chemicals and synthetic rubbers.

"Kaucuk A.S."

wide range of products ranging from basic grades of butadiene-styrene rubber KRALEX, liquid polybutadiene KRASOL, to polystyrene plastics, KOPLEN and FORSAN.

"Kei point Corporation"

the largest exporters of synthetic rubber from Russia. We can offer the most competitive prices on butyk rubber bk 1675N, SKI3 and SKI3S.

"Khumo E.P. Rubber Co., Ltd"

produces E.P. rubber, a special rubber that is weatherproof, thermal resistant, chemical resistant and ozone -resistant .

"M.G. Chemicals & Industries Inc."

exports petro-chemicals, rubber, plastics, chemicals, steel, metals, minerals, fabrics, textiles ETC on a world wide basis.

"Making Synthetic Rubber"

first synthetic rubber produced in the US under the name Thiokil.

"Malaya Group"

diverse business interest into natural rubber and latex, carbon black, synthetic rubber, home appliances, spices imports, exports, travel and tours.

"Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp."

manufacturer of durafoam; closed cell sponge rubber; rubber and plastic foam.

"Narciso Caballero, S.A."

manufacture of P.V.C. pellets and thermoplastic rubber, supplying different industrial sectors: toys, automobile, shoes, etc.

"Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd"

world leader in the manufacturing of synthetic rubbers, synthetic latex, specialty chemicals, products used in the health, environment, information fields.

"Nuova VM"

working for the ceramic industry, offers polyurethane rubber, pressing of punches, equipment for punch pressing, matrices, elastomer coatings, varnishes for rubber.

"Pareck Polymers"

biggest dealers of synthetic rubber, chemicals, cross linking & curing agents.

"Pasa S.A."

leading company in the production of synthetic rubber, unleaded naphthas, aromatic solvents, fertilizers and styrene.

"Reiss Manufacturing, Inc."

leading custom manufacturer of silicone, fluorosilicone and Viton rubber, moldings, extrusions, co-extrusions, and thermoplastic extrusions.


manufacturer of Chlorinated Rubber and engaged in the supply of raw materials and allied products to the rubber, paint, inks adhesives and Plastic Industry.

"Rogers Corp."

manufactures specialty rubber materials for a balanced range of growing markets and applications worldwide.

"Rubber Chemicals Morton International"

produces synthetic polysulfide rubbers and related prepolymers and plasticizers.

"Rubber Room"

the Rubber Room was established to promote trade in the Rubber Industry: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber products, tubes and flaps, directories.


selling and distributing fine chemicals to the rubber, plastics, paints, varnishes, adhesives and sealants industries.

"Sin Rubtech Consultancy Sdn. Bhd."

trading of Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals, of rubber machinery/ test equipment, synthetic rubber and rubber chemicals. R&D and technical support.

"Smooth-On Inc."

specialized liquid plastics, mold-making compounds, release agents and liquid rubbers. The company also is expanding into silicones.

"Smooth-On, Inc."

our product line includes specialized liquid plastics, mold making compounds, release agents and liquid rubbers for industrial and art related applications.

"South African Custom and Excise Tariff Tables"

synthetic rubber and factice derived from oils, styrene-butadiene rubber; carboxylated styrene-butadiene rubber : other : styrene-butadiene-styrene.

"Synair Corporation"

rubber urethane chemical company specializing in the development and production of resin systems for use in rubber mold making and casting.

"Synthetic Rubber"

Astlett Rubber SR site, trader-distributor of raw materials to the rubber industry: synthetic and natural rubbers available.

"Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corporation"

public company in Taiwan with annual sales of US$220mm and total capacity of synthetic rubber in the neighborhood of 200,000MT/Yr.


italian producer of thermoplastic rubber compounds for the footwear industry.

"Ten Cate Enbi"

specialized in the development and manufacture of sophisticated multi-material assemblies; formulates and molds millable gum rubber materials.

"Thai Rubber Latex Corp. (Thailand ) Pcl"

manufactures natural rubber latex, skim rubber and standard thai rubber for several end markets and examination gloves, rubber thread, infant products.

"The Perma-Flex Mold Co., Inc."

formulator and distributor of rubber mold materials for mold development.

"Unión de Industrias, CA., S.A."

natural rubber, syntetic rubber and rubber compounds.

"Vigar, S.A."

specialist in rubber chemicals and custom rubber compounding.

"Vivalce S.A."

distributor of synthetic rubber, metal rubber adhesives, processing aids for the rubber industry, machinery for rubber industry.

"Wacker Química Ibérica, S.A."

manufacturer of synthetic rubbers, silicones and other related products.

"Wah Shing Company"

natural rubber, synthetic rubber, others.

"Zero-D Products Inc"

manufacturer of mold rubbers and more rubber products.

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