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"Abflex Rubber Inc."
Gaskets, O-rings, Anti-Vibration Pads or products that have rubber bonded to metal.

"Action BOLT + Supply, Inc."

distributor of well known name brand products, such as fasteners, hose, rubber and gaskets products.

"Adchem, Inc."

offers custom fabrication of rubber and polyurethane components such as seals, diaphrams, O-rings, gaskets, bumpers, and plugs.

"Akron Gaskets and Packing Enterprises"

through manufacturing and distribution, Akron Gasket can supply virtually any rubber product, in any format required.

"Alhambra Rubber & Gasket Company"

custom extrusions, hose assemblies, mats, molded parts, rubber to metal bonding, gaskets/die cutting, prototyping, sheet rubber fabrication, vulcanizing/splicing.

"Allstate Gasket Online"

value-added fluid seals for industrial plumbing, energy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

"Ameraflex Rubber & Gaskets Co., Inc."

distributor of gaskets, rubber goods & molding and more.

"Avon Rubber Company"

manufacturer of custom molded and extruded rubber products. Service to solve your rubber compound problems.

"Award Rubber Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane products for the pulp & paper, utilities, telecommunications, transport, general, aeronautical, municipalities industries.

"Baggerman Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialists in the field of rubber and thermoplastic hoses, accessories, gaskets, sheetings and profiles.

"Beton Abruzzo"

manufacturer of couplings, clean out balls and rubber gaskets produced in black rubber.

"Big River Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc."

fabricator and distributor of belting, hoses & tubing, gaskets, sponges.


manufacturer of rubber and vinyl products, primarily servicing the gasket and fluid sealing market; rubber matting, flooring, footwear and specialty products

"Boston Atlantic Gasket corp."

any size, any shape, any material, any quantity for all your gasketing needs.

"Budlar Flexible Products Inc."

products include rubber, o-rings, seals, extrusions, and gaskets.

"California Gasket and Rubber Corporation"

manufacturer of gaskets, washers, shims, custom O-rings, and precision molded rubber products.

"Capital Rubber & Specialty Co., Inc."

one of the premiere industrial gasket, hose, expansion joint, and packing distributors in the United States.

"Catelsa Oyarzun S.A."

manufacturer of precision rubber products: seals, gaskets, membranes, dust covers, more.

"Cellular Developments Ltd."

rubber moulding company specialising in cellular rubber, also capable of manufacturing a wide variety of products for many different industries.

"CF Service srl"

manufacturer of industrial gaskets, provides a fully-equipped local production workshop for order management and delivery.

"Chamberlin Rubber Co."

ducting, industrial hose, hydraulic hose, hose clamps and couplings, gasket materials, silicones, valves, adhesives, mats, mattings, more.

"Cibiesse Gomma srl"

moulders of industrial gaskets & seals in rubber & silicone.

"D.A.R. Industrial Products, Inc."

fabricator of gaskets, rubber products, packings, high temperature textiles, and other custom applications.

"Dalmar S.p.A."

manufacturer of precision rubber, specialized in flexibe hoses and rubber seals and gaskets.


specialized in industrial rubber gaskets supply, O. Rings , lip seals, rubber mouldings by drawing or sample.

"Eltech Rubber India Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturer of moulded rubber products & extruded products: gaskets, profiles, hoses, sheets, reducers, o-rings, reducers, seals, tubes.

"FA.G.I. sas"

manufacturer of gaskets, packing and seals used for hydraulics and pneumatics, standard sizes and on drawing, made with a wide range of raw materials.

"Fit-o-Fit Enginnering Pvt Ltd"

specialises in hydraulic & Pneumatic seals, O Rings, Gaskets Oil Seals, Chevron Packing, rubber parts.

"Garlock Sealing Technologies"

provide innovative products to multinational and other corporations in every major industry. Includes rubber products.

"Hallite Seals International"

manufacturesf piston, rod seals, wipers and bearing rings in plastic and rubber mainly used in hydraulic cylinders for mining and construction vehicles.

"Hoogerdijk Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialised in supplying rubber and TPE moulded products, extruded products, shaped hoses, converted products, gaskets, more.

"HoseCo, a.s."

spanish manufacturer of a wide range of gaskets.


french rubber products manufacturer for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

"Indana Rubber Industries"

specialized in the manufacture of rubber molded items.

"Inland Valley Rubber Co., Inc."

manufacturer of custom molded rubber products for OEM automotive, electronics, industrial products, oil tool, aerospace and food processing industries.

"J. Miller Co., Inc."

manufacturing of gaskets and products die-cut from non-metallic materials. Parts for electronics, automotive, aerospace, machinery and others.

"Ja-Bar Silicone Corporation"

manufacturer of silicone products including EMI/RFI gaskets & silicone material in solid, sponge, foam and extruded varieties.

"Jain Rubber Industry"

manufacturer of O Rings, Seals, Buckets, Chevron Packing, Bushes, Buffers, Rayon Imprignated Seals, Star Couplings, Auto Spare parts, Pressure Cokker Gasket.

"Jeantet Elastomeres"

makes rubber moulded pieces in elastomers as well as ebonite moulded mouthpieces for pipes and musical instruments. In French and English.

"LA.GO.S. Srl"

vibration-damping mounts, rubber gaskets, industrial components, rubber undervehicle platform truck.

"Lake Charles Rubber and Gasket"

fabricating and distributing gaskets, hoses, belting, and many other rubber industrial supplies.

"Lamons Gasket Company"

manufactures gaskets in many materials including rubber.


closed-cell sponge and solid polymer extrusions are available in continuous lengths and intricate profile shapes. Lauren can compound seals and gaskets.

"Malcom Mann, Inc."

manufacturing materials for appliances, construction, automotive assembly, and pipe gaskets.

"Marco Rubber and Plastic Products, Inc."

distributor of sealing products, including o-rings and gaskets.

"Margilgomma snc"

injection and compression rubber item stamping; rubber, metal gate and rolls. Manufacture of technical and industrial items and gaskets of all types.

"North American Seal & Supply Inc."

manufactures gaskets, fabricate to print using most rubber & plastic materials; distributor of rubber bands, hoses, sheet, sponge, molded & extruded rubber.


manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, filters and more for ships, industrial use, automotive industry. Design service.

"Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali S.p.a."

miscellaneous rubber-coated plates, rubber brake pads, technical items of any type of elastomer made to customer drawing and many other rubber products.

"Pensacola Rubber & Gasket Company, Inc."

supplier of a wide range of gaskets, hoses, belting, clamps, matting and more industrial products.

"Prince Rubber and Plastics Co., Inc."

manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for the pulp and paper, heavy chemical, and OEM markets.

"Progressive Molded Products"

providing molding, modular tiles, wheel chocks, truck bed mats, manhole gaskets, a variety of mats, and more for fitness, agricultural and other applications.

"R.D.M. Gomma"

specialized in the production of rubber technical articles and industrial gaskets.

"RGH Rubber Gasket Hose"

industrial supplier of any size and any quantity of rubber gaskets and hoses, to your specification.

"Rochester Industrial Products"

supplier of industrial products including rubber and plastic.

"Rubber & Plastic N.I. Limited"

supplier of a range of industrial products and services to its many and varied customers in Ireland and beyond: hoses, sheeting/matting, fittings, more.

"Rubber Development Inc."

rubber injection molder offering part design, compound development, mold design, prototyping, testing, tooling manufacturing, process development.

"Rubber Room"

the Rubber Room was established to promote trade in the Rubber Industry: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber products, tubes and flaps, directories.

"Rubberatkins Ltd."

rubber moldings, rubber to metal bondings, and supplies rubber sheet, extrusion and gaskets.

"SAS Industries, Inc."

offers custom molding, extrusions, and die-cut products, including gaskets and shielding.

"Seal Science Inc."

makes rubber, plastics, TFE and metal products such as O-rings, piston/rod seals and gaskets.

"Sei Woo Rubber Products Pte Ltd"

producer of moulded rubber products and extruded profiles for the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, home appliances industries.

"Silex Ltd."

specialists, in silicone rubber products: tubing, hoses, sponge, cord, compound, moulding, profiles, sheet, washers, gaskets, fabrications.


specialized in o-rings, and gaskets for gas controls, thermocouples and security valves, also manufactures a wide arnge of products on clients specification.


manufacurer of rubber, viton and silicone articles. O-rings, gaskets, juctions, diaphragm and any kind of pieces made of natural or sinthetic rubber.

"Siloxane Technologies, Inc."

manufactures extruded silicone rubber products: tubing, gaskets, cord, seals, weatherstripping, and more.

"Syntex Rubber Corporation"

standard or custom molded and stamped rubber parts for applications in automotive, electrical, aerospace, furniture, medical and more industries.

"Taguchi Rubber Group"

manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost customized rubber molded products. Headquatered in Tokyo with branches in Malaysia and Singapore.

"Tampa Rubber and Gaskets Co., Inc."

belting and accessories, compression packing and seals, couplings, fittings and clamps, expansion joints, gasket and gasket material, hose, accessories.

"Tecar S.p.A."

specialized in manufacturing technical rubber products by means of extrusion and injection molding.


sheet rubber, rubber and plastic industrial hose, gasket materials, skirtboard/chute lining rubber.

"TGR Trans-Global Rubber Co., Ltd."

extrusions and profiles, sheeting, standard components, gaskets and grommets, cellular rubber.

"Tri-State Industrial Rubber, Inc."

Hoses for every application, Gaskets, Fittings & Couplings, Conveyor Belts, and O-Rings.

"Valley of Birmingham"

offers a full line of sealing products, gaskets, molded or extruded rubber products.


o-rings, seals, custom moldings, gaskets, and extrusions products made of rubber and other materials.

"West American Rubber Co., Inc."

producer of myriad of manufactured rubber products: from gauge sheet rubber and extruded rubber products, to custom molding of rubber products.

"Westflex Industrial"

supplier of industrial rubber products: hose and couplings, sheet rubber and gaskets, molded and extruded products, valves, and packing.

"Yip Shing Metal Mfy"

Hong Kong manufacturer of molds and rubber and plastic components, including silicone rubber tubes and hoses, gaskets, and extrusions.

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