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"Ally Industries, Inc."
provides Industrial Safety Products, supplies, protection equipment, hazardous material, and more, including rubber gloves.


rubber and PVC country footwear & waders.


manufacturer of rubber and vinyl products, primarily servicing the gasket and fluid sealing market; rubber matting, flooring, footwear and specialty products

"Bustamante y Sances Ltda. Quimica Busanc"

import/export of rubber soles for the footwear industry.

"Calrioja, S.L."

manufacturer of rubber products for the footwear and general industries.


manufacturer of tires, rubber crawlers, and rubber shoes.

"Cooke Rubber Rain Wear"

manufacturer of long coats, big overalls, hats, parkas and jackets.


protective clothing for work and leisure, including rubber drysuits, gloves and more.

"Day International"

rubber products serving the needs of the printing, packaging and textile processing industries: offset blankets and sleeves, cots, aprons, rolls, more.


confortable and soft rubber pants, 100% soft natural rubber, machine wash and driable, adult sizes.

"Elastómeros Riojanos, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber soles.

"Etché Sécurité"

manufactures rubber safety boots and footwear for professional protection.

"Eurosuole Spa"

manufacturer of rubber soles.

"Fallen Angels Rubberware"

rubber collection. All designs can be ordered.

"Giftstart Trade Mark Design Inc."

label design of various materials such as genuine leather, PU, PVC, rubber, cork and metal plates, also produce buttons, trimmings and key chains.

"Grupo Zahonero"

manufacturer of latex and rubber products mainly for the shoe industry, including nearly all the shoe components.


Soviet lingerie and rubber clothing.

"Han Chen Footwear Co., Ltd."

footwear & materials-injection casual and sports shoes including plastic, rubber and textile shoes as well as raw materials for plastic shoes.

"Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co.,Ltd."

joint venture enterprise manufacturing tyres, rubber crawlers, and rubber shoes.

"Jiangsu Rixin Enterprise Group Co., Ltd."

rubber products, si-rubber products. 100 kinds of products of 7 classes, such as silicon rubber cables, silica gel products, shoemaking material products.

"Josco Rubbers"

manufacturers of Fischer Hawai chappals.

"Knapp Boots and Shoes"

black rubber easy on and off boot, and over-the-shoe rubber are designed for you convenience and guaranteed to keep your dress shoes looking good at all times.

"LaCrosse Rainfair Safety Products"

manufacturer and supplier of safety PVC, rubber and pac boots, leather footwear, protective clothing, rainwear, raincoats, rainjackets, parkas, overalls, pants.

"Mayfield Rubbers"

manufacturer of rubber footwears, rubber mats and matting, micro cellular sheets used as Sole for leather shoe and slippers.

"Min An Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufactures industrial rubber gloves and boots and medical products, such as, Latex Tourniquets, Catheters and an Assortment of Customized Tubes.

"Min Yuen Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

general & heat resistant rubber strips, square rubber thread, elastic bands, rubber accessories for clothing, swimwear, bed sheet and sport protector.

"Mister B"

dedicated to bringing the best in leather and rubber clothing, SM articles, toys and more to gay men.

"N.K. Nordatlantisk Handelskompagni"

represents Acton, canadian manufacturer of winter footwear made with natural rubber.

"Nordatlantisk Handelskompagni"

makers of AX Arctic Xtreme outerwear, for skiing, and other outdoor activities; Acton Thermoboots, made from natural rubber; and Blondo leather winter boots.

"Plasgumi Ltd."

offers a wide range of plastic and rubber products for the industrial, commercial and building industry. Engineering, Design, and Tooling Departments.

"Precision Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturers of PRECITEX brand Aprons and Cots for Textile Industry.


manufacturing Natural Rubber footwear and post operational support materials for Leprosy patients and for Diabetic and Orthopedic footwear and Supports.

"Recycled Clothing"

shoes made with: recycled plastic -surgical gloves- mixed with cardboard, hemp and recycled rubber -old tires- for the soles.

"Red Ball"

rubber hip and chest waders.

"Red Haze"

Men s & Women s Underground, Punk, Gothic, Metal clothing including PVC, Velvet & Lycra Tops, Dresses, Basques and trousers.

"Rubber Clothing Company"

gallery of rubber and latex clothes. Site in german.

"Rubber Fashions"

handmade raincoats completely waterproof, individually custom made to your own specifications.

"Rubber Necker Ties"

made from recycled tires, 500 year warranty, dishwasher-safe.


rubber clothing, liquid rubber from stock or made to measure for everyone or for show and film.

"Rubbermac srl"

manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane items for the footwear industry.

"San Hao Rubber Co., Ltd."

rubber products, rubber shoes material, special rubber, cushion materials, seals, wheels, etc.

"Scarred Rubber"

women and men s clothing made-to-order with the highest quality of latex sheetings.

"Servus Firefighter Footwear"

protective boots for fire fighters: rubber, leather bunker fireboots for comfort, protection from heat, flames, penetration from sharp objects.

"Sinochem Guangdong"

chemicals import and export corporation, offers rubber, latex and plastic products such as hoses, sheets and mats, tyres, boots, battles, bags, medical and more.


featuring rubber, latex and lycra clothing, corsets, wigs and more.

"Solano 2000 SL"

manufacturer of rubber soles for the footwear industry: offers soles for any kind of shoes, from casual to safety.

"South Bucks Rainwear"

South Bucks Rainwear Rubber Clothing for the enthusiast; supplies rubber clothing in the UK.

"Splaff Flopps"

sells sandals made with recycled race car tires and bicycle Inner tubes, regupol, a cushioning material made from used tires, and hemp.


full service retail Rubber Stamp Store, located in nostalgic downtown Naperville, Illinois, stocking a large inventory, representing over 85 suppliers.

"The Biltrite Corporation"

worldwide manufacturer of rubber and vinyl products, offering sheet rubber products for flooring, footwear, and industrial uses.

"Thomas Anthoine Co."

fabricates and laminates rubber, polyurethane, foam, and flame retardant materials and mouse pads; specialty Die Cutting for packaging needs.


manufacturer of rubber products: tires, inner tubes, rubber technical goods, footwear rubber, chemical products.


marketer of umbrellas, casual rainwear and rubber footwear.

"Viking Askim Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of rubber footwear, exports rubber boots worldwide ranging from simple wellingtons to highly sophisticated safety boots.

"Vredestein Rubber Resources"

the major rubber processing company in the Netherlands: tyres, boots, extrusions profiles, compounds, rubber recycling, recycled rubber.


manufactures rubber conveyor belts, flooring and technical sheets, hoses, footwear, glue, neolit and technical goods.

"Weather Vain"

retail and mail order business selling quality rubber linen and latex/rubber clothing.

"Wild and Free"

leather, rubber, patent and lace lingerie, bondage clothing and accessories, sex toys, and more.


offers information on the work of two sisters who transform old bicycle tubes into apparel.

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