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"Ace Hose & Rubber Company"
distributor of hoses, fitting & couplings, matting, and fabricated products.

"Action BOLT + Supply, Inc."

distributor of well known name brand products, such as fasteners, hose, rubber and gaskets products.

"Aero Rubber Company"

manufacturer of industrial rubber products: extrusions, fabricated parts, molded products, tubing, matting, hose, sheeting & slab, industrial rubber bands.

"Aeroquip Group"

leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fluid-conveying and fluid-connecting products.

"Ahauser Gummiwalzen Lammers GmbH & Co. KG"

rubber and polyurethane rollers, roller cores, sleeves, hoses, moulded goods. Job opportunities.

"Alhambra Rubber & Gasket Company"

custom extrusions, hose assemblies, mats, molded parts, rubber to metal bonding, gaskets/die cutting, prototyping, sheet rubber fabrication, vulcanizing/splicing.

"American Hose & Fittings, Inc."

source for Industrial and Hydraulic Hose, Fittings Couplings and Fluid Power Components.

"Atlantic Rubber Company, Inc."

custom products, medical grade and industrial rubber products including o-rings, pure gum tubing and medical grade tubing.

"Atlantic s.r.l."

manufacturer of PVC and rubber hoses and hose fastening collars. Rubber hoses for all fields: oil exploration, injections and ground consolidation.

"Award Rubber Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane products for the pulp & paper, utilities, telecommunications, transport, general, aeronautical, municipalities industries.

"AWG Elastomer Erzeugnisse"

manufacturer of rubber hoses. Site in German.

"Baggerman Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialists in the field of rubber and thermoplastic hoses, accessories, gaskets, sheetings and profiles.


French manufacturer of rubber and plastic tubes, hoses, profiles, rubber sheets for any application, moulded products, more.

"Big River Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc."

fabricator and distributor of belting, hoses & tubing, gaskets, sponges.

"Blackwell Plastics, Inc."

custom injection molder and extrusion firm of engineering plastics and rubber. Full service including mold making and secondary operations.

"Boston Industrial Hose"

manufacturers of hose for product transfer, containment, and fluid sealing applications.

"Bridgestone Engineered Products Company"

products include conveyor belts, dredging hose, flexible tube lighting, marine fenders, seismic isolators, and rubber dams and tracks.

"California Industrial Rubber Company"

distributor and manufacturer of industrial rubber and plastic products.

"Canal Rubber Supply Co., Inc."

retail/wholesale supplier of industrial rubber and foam products: hose, tubing, sheeting, flooring and related accessories.

"Capital Rubber & Specialty Co., Inc."

one of the premiere industrial gasket, hose, expansion joint, and packing distributors in the United States.

"Chamberlin Rubber Co."

ducting, industrial hose, hydraulic hose, hose clamps and couplings, gasket materials, silicones, valves, adhesives, mats, mattings, more.

"ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen Gmbh"

specialist in plastic and rubber technology, offers membranes, conveyor belts, hoses, power transmission products, moulded products and more.

"Dalmar S.p.A."

manufacturer of precision rubber, specialized in flexibe hoses and rubber seals and gaskets.


customer-focused supplier of industrial hoses, power transmission systems, and related components.

"Dicoinsa SL"

specialized in the manufacture of silicone rubber tubes, profiles, joints and moulded pieces.

"Dixon Valve & Coupling Company"

manufacturers of quality hose fittings and accessories.

"E. James & Co."

rubber & PVC hose and couplings, sheet rubber, matting, powerflite industrial belts and replacement belts for washers, drywashers and dishwashers.

"Eltech Rubber India Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturer of moulded rubber products & extruded products: gaskets, profiles, hoses, sheets, reducers, o-rings, reducers, seals, tubes.

"EVR Products"

complete line of reinforced rubber piping products. We also carry valves, connectors, joints, hoses.

"Flowjet s.a."

supplier of hydraulic hose and fittings and ultra high pressure water systems.

"Gollmer & Hummel"

manufacturer of inside and outside rubberized multipurpose hose and fire and industrial layflat hoses of different materials for a lot of applications.

"Grupo Cautex S.A."

manufacturers and distributors of rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive, industry and marine applications: hoses, mats, profiles, cables, boots, more.

"Grupo Solanes"

manufactures rubber hoses and tubes, profiles and bellows, washers, rubber sheets and bands.

"Gruppo SAIAG"

companies operating in the rubber and aluminium fields; the main activities of the rubber sector are represented by flexible hoses, electric cords, cables.

"Hart Industries, Inc."

industrial hose, hose accessories, teflon hose, hydraulics, custom hose services, belts, special products and more.

"Hoogerdijk Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialised in supplying rubber and TPE moulded products, extruded products, shaped hoses, converted products, gaskets, more.


polyurethane saddle designed to suspend hose, comes with its respective treated nylon sling that is fastened in a choker postion through the Hosebun.

"Hsi Tai Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber flooring products, industrial rubber sheets and rubber tube/hose.


french rubber products manufacturer for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

"Hydrogomma srl"

manufacturer of flexible connection hoses using non-toxic EPDM rubber, PVC or PTFE tubing, braiding by cotton, nylon, galvanized or stainless steel.

"Hygenic Corp."

manufacturer of natural and synthetic rubber tourniquets, tubing, and sheeting, for medical and industrial markets.

"Industrial Rubber Company Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber lining, mouldings, extrusions, hoses, conveyor belts, pipe & hose couplings, pumps, hydraulic hoses.

"Jeantet Elastomeres"

makes rubber moulded pieces in elastomers as well as ebonite moulded mouthpieces for pipes and musical instruments. In French and English.


manufactures latex exam gloves, extruded products, rubber rollers, rings, profiles, hoses, seals, paints and more.

"Lake Charles Rubber and Gasket"

fabricating and distributing gaskets, hoses, belting, and many other rubber industrial supplies.

"Medical Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd."

food & pharmaceutical rubber products, rubber products for electronic industries, tubing and hoses, sanitary products, moulding articles and more.

"Nexgen Hose Inc."

Manufacturer of thermoplastic hose & tubing suitable as rubber substitutes in air, water, marine, industrial, food, beverage, chemical and agricultural use.

"North American Seal & Supply Inc."

manufactures gaskets, fabricate to print using most rubber & plastic materials; distributor of rubber bands, hoses, sheet, sponge, molded & extruded rubber.


manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, filters and more for ships, industrial use, automotive industry. Design service.

"Optimit a.s."

manufacturer of hoses, membranes and technical rubber.

"Pacific Echo, Inc."

manufacturer of spa hose and industrial hose.

"Pensacola Rubber & Gasket Company, Inc."

supplier of a wide range of gaskets, hoses, belting, clamps, matting and more industrial products.

"Phoenix AG"

manufactures industrial and automotive rubber products. Consulting/development and training service.

"Plasgumi Ltd."

offers a wide range of plastic and rubber products for the industrial, commercial and building industry. Engineering, Design, and Tooling Departments.

"Primeline Industries"

manufacturer of dipped natural rubber latex tubing for medical, scientific, industrial, sport, rehab and therapy markets.

"Prince Rubber and Plastics Co., Inc."

manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for the pulp and paper, heavy chemical, and OEM markets.

"Purple Pig"

manufactures rubber linings for heavy industry, supply hose, fittings, general rubber sheet, rubber mouldings, and extrusions.


manufacturer of high technology rubber products, developped in the years the production of high quality flexible rubber hose.

"RGH Rubber Gasket Hose"

industrial supplier of any size and any quantity of rubber gaskets and hoses, to your specification.

"Rock Rubber & Supply Inc."

supplier of industrial rubber products, including hydraulic hose and couplings, sheet rubber, gaskets, conveyor belting, o-rings, and v-belts.

"Rubber & Plastic N.I. Limited"

supplier of a range of industrial products and services to its many and varied customers in Ireland and beyond: hoses, sheeting/matting, fittings, more.

"Rubber Room"

the Rubber Room was established to promote trade in the Rubber Industry: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber products, tubes and flaps, directories.

"Salem Republic Rubber Company"

custom engineered industrial hose an calendered products for avion, chemical, dredging, food, industrial fabrication, municipal industries and more.

"Sclaverano Giuseppe s.r.l."

offers breakers, drills, other tools and rubber hoses.

"Sei Woo Rubber Products Pte Ltd"

producer of moulded rubber products and extruded profiles for the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, home appliances industries.

"Shieh Chi Industrial Co., Ltd"

LPG rubber hose & assembly for car, planet, equipment, housing.

"Silex Ltd."

specialists, in silicone rubber products: tubing, hoses, sponge, cord, compound, moulding, profiles, sheet, washers, gaskets, fabrications.

"Siloxane Technologies, Inc."

manufactures extruded silicone rubber products: tubing, gaskets, cord, seals, weatherstripping, and more.

"Tampa Rubber and Gaskets Co., Inc."

belting and accessories, compression packing and seals, couplings, fittings and clamps, expansion joints, gasket and gasket material, hose, accessories.

"TAS Europa S.A."

member of the Solanes Group, manufactures and distributes rubber products for a wide range of industries: hoses and tubes, profiles, washes, sheets, bands.

"Tecar S.p.A."

specialized in manufacturing technical rubber products by means of extrusion and injection molding.

"Teknikum Yhtiöt Oy"

manufacturer of technical rubber products in Finland: molded products, hoses, rubber compounds, rubber glues.


sheet rubber, rubber and plastic industrial hose, gasket materials, skirtboard/chute lining rubber.

"The Flexaust Company, Inc."

producer of Flexaust: lightweight and flexible, it is easy to cut, couple, and connect using only basic tools.

"The Gates Rubber Company"

manufacturer of automotive and industrial hose and connectors, belts, power transmission and more.

"The Rubber Group"

stock and custom manufactured precision rubber products: grommets, isolation mounts, rollers, bumpers, die cutting, custom molding, tubing, profiles.

"Titagarh Industries Ltd."

Panihati Rubber Limited, a member of the Titagarh Industries Group, manufactures Lead Moulded, Smooth Finish, High Tensile Yarn Braided Long Length Rubber Hoses.

"Tools Plus Index"

you can find here the industrial hose index.

"Tri-State Industrial Rubber, Inc."

Hoses for every application, Gaskets, Fittings & Couplings, Conveyor Belts, and O-Rings.

"Tubi Gomma Torino s.p.a."

manufacturer of hoses for a a wide range of industrial applications and moulded hoses for the automotive industry.


four key divisions: conveyor belting, hydraulic hose and fittings, sealing and shielding, rubber products.

"United Rubber Supply Co., Inc."

manufacturer of die cutting, extrusions, molded parts, hoses.

"V. Burcharth & Søn A/S"

technical importers and distributors in Denmark with a wide and extensive product range: rubber hoses, rubber mats, rubber gloves and other products.

"Valley Industrial Rubber Products Co., Inc."

supplier specializing in hoses and belts, with on-site testing services of your hose assemblies.


manufactures rubber conveyor belts, flooring and technical sheets, hoses, footwear, glue, neolit and technical goods.

"W.M. Bryden & Co. Ltd."

supplier of commercial rubber products: tubing, mouldings, hoses, sheet and matting and more.

"Welton Rubber Company"

manufacturer/distributor of industrial rubber and related products.

"Westflex Industrial"

supplier of industrial rubber products: hose and couplings, sheet rubber and gaskets, molded and extruded products, valves, and packing.

"Wolmot Ltd."

executor of many years co-operative domestic and foreign agreements with Fiat Auto, Daewoo, Porche and more, offers pipes, rubber hoses.

"Yip Shing Metal Mfy"

Hong Kong manufacturer of molds and rubber and plastic components, including silicone rubber tubes and hoses, gaskets, and extrusions.

"Zenith Rubber & Plastic Works"

manufactures various kinds of rubber hoses, sheets, mats.

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