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"Stowe Woodward a Xerium Company"
Stowe Woodward delivers leading edge technology in rubber, polyurethane, ceramic and composite covers for the most demanding applications.

"A.W. Huber Co."

manufacturer of molded rubber products.

"ABBA Rubber International"

precision rubber roller fabricating, re-covering, grinding, and manufacture of precision molded and extruded parts.

"Abflex Rubber Inc."

Gaskets, O-rings, Anti-Vibration Pads or products that have rubber bonded to metal.

"Acushnet Rubber Company, Inc."

supplier of quality elastomeric and rubber components for the automotive, office machines, o-rings, recreation and safety industries.

"Adchem, Inc."

offers custom fabrication of rubber and polyurethane components such as seals, diaphrams, O-rings, gaskets, bumpers, and plugs.

"Advanced Engineering & Molding Technology, Inc"

custom injection molds using thermosets, thermoplastics, and elastormers with inhouse design, engineering, moldmaking, sonic welding and assembly capabilities.

"Advances Rubber Molding, Inc."

custom rubber die cutting, metal prepping for rubber bonding, extrusions and sheet rubber, chemical or mechanical bonding, and more.

"Aero Rubber Company"

manufacturer of industrial rubber products: extrusions, fabricated parts, molded products, tubing, matting, hose, sheeting & slab, industrial rubber bands.

"Aeroquip Group"

leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fluid-conveying and fluid-connecting products.

"Aged srl"

rubber mouldings, blanks, extrusions, o-rings.

"Akron Gaskets and Packing Enterprises"

through manufacturing and distribution, Akron Gasket can supply virtually any rubber product, in any format required.

"Aldan Industries, Inc."

leading world manufacturer of engineered coated fabrics: industrial, military and specialty products.

"Alfa Stampi Srl"

company specialized in the construction of special moulds to be used in the production of rubber items. Technical design assistance.

"Algaher, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber products for the automobile, construction and other industries: extruded and molded products.

"Alhambra Rubber & Gasket Company"

custom extrusions, hose assemblies, mats, molded parts, rubber to metal bonding, gaskets/die cutting, prototyping, sheet rubber fabrication, vulcanizing/splicing.


has developed numerous products for industries using rubber, include screen mats, adhesives, vulcanising presses, mudguards, mudflaps, rubber flooring etc.

"Allstate Gasket Online"

value-added fluid seals for industrial plumbing, energy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

"Ameraflex Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc."

complete line of natural and synthetic rubber, rubber goods and moulding.

"American Roller Company"

designers and manufacturers of synthetic rubber, polyurethane, ceramic, composite, and metal matrix roller coverings for the converting, printing, other industries.

"Anavid Insulation Products"

specializes in the production of high quality thermal insulation products based on a closed-cell structure of expanded synthetic rubber.

"Apex Belting"

offer a comprehensive range of products and services for all conveyor needs.

"Aplicaciones Mecánicas del Caucho, S.A."

manufacturer of antivibration systems in rubber and metal for the automotive and general industry.

"Apple Rubber Products"

manufacturer of a diverse range of precise elastomeric seals. Technical information for determining the seal you need, quality testing and assistance.

"Arvind Rub-Web Controls"

Manufacturers & exporters of rubber \nRollers, Web Processing Accessories, wrinkle removers, core holding devices, ink circulating pump etc for industrial applications.

"Associated Rubber Company"

full service custom mixer and tread rubber manufacturer.

"Atlantic India Rubber Company"

manufacturer of an expansive line of mechanical rubber and plastic shapes.

"Atlantic Rubber"

manufactures a complete line of safety, anti-fatigue, ergonomic, recreational and sport matting for commercial, industrial, institutional, janitorial applications.

"Atlantic Rubber Company, Inc."

custom products, medical grade and industrial rubber products including o-rings, pure gum tubing and medical grade tubing.

"Atlantic s.r.l."

manufacturer of PVC and rubber hoses and hose fastening collars. Rubber hoses for all fields: oil exploration, injections and ground consolidation.


French manufacturer of injection, extruded and molded rubber products.

"Avon Rubber Company"

manufacturer of custom molded and extruded rubber products. Service to solve your rubber compound problems.

"Award Rubber Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane products for the pulp & paper, utilities, telecommunications, transport, general, aeronautical, municipalities industries.

"AWG Elastomer Erzeugnisse"

manufacturer of rubber hoses. Site in German.

"Baggerman Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialists in the field of rubber and thermoplastic hoses, accessories, gaskets, sheetings and profiles.


French manufacturer of rubber and plastic tubes, hoses, profiles, rubber sheets for any application, moulded products, more.


formulates, manufactures, and distributes molding rubber related products and services and art rubber stamp supplies and accessories.

"Beton Abruzzo"

manufacturer of couplings, clean out balls and rubber gaskets produced in black rubber.

"Big River Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc."

fabricator and distributor of belting, hoses & tubing, gaskets, sponges.


manufacturer of rubber and vinyl products, primarily servicing the gasket and fluid sealing market; rubber matting, flooring, footwear and specialty products

"Blackwell Plastics, Inc."

custom injection molder and extrusion firm of engineering plastics and rubber. Full service including mold making and secondary operations.

"Boomrubber---Molded rubber,gasket.seal,pipe,cover,stopper"

the leading manufacturer to produce the special rubber products, Such as special-shape rubber pipes, covers, stoppers, plates, rings, oil seal, conveyor belt, grommets, bumper, cushions and racks, etc

"Boomrubber---Molded rubber,gasket.seal,pipe,cover,stopper"

the leading manufacturer to produce the special rubber products, Such as special-shape rubber pipes, covers, stoppers, plates, rings, oil seal, conveyor belt, grommets, bumper, cushions and racks, etc

"Boston Atlantic Gasket corp."

any size, any shape, any material, any quantity for all your gasketing needs.

"Boston Industrial Hose"

manufacturers of hose for product transfer, containment, and fluid sealing applications.

"BRC Rubber Group"

manufacturing rubber products. Design, engineering, validation and manufacturing support.

"Bridgestone Engineered Products Company"

products include conveyor belts, dredging hose, flexible tube lighting, marine fenders, seismic isolators, and rubber dams and tracks.

"Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc."

manufacturer of tires and other rubber products, including industrial products, building products, textiles, polymers. Career opportunities.

"Buckhorn Rubber Products"

manufactures injection and compression molded rubber equipment and replacement parts for the transportation, civil and agricultural construction industries.

"Budlar Flexible Products Inc."

products include rubber, o-rings, seals, extrusions, and gaskets.

"Cactus Mat Mfg. Co."

manufacturer of restaurant, bar, industrial, commercial, anti-fatigue rubber mats. Request catalogue.

"California Gasket and Rubber Corporation"

manufacturer of gaskets, washers, shims, custom O-rings, and precision molded rubber products.

"California Industrial Rubber Company"

distributor and manufacturer of industrial rubber and plastic products.

"Calrioja, S.L."

manufacturer of rubber products for the footwear and general industries.

"Capital Rubber & Specialty Co., Inc."

one of the premiere industrial gasket, hose, expansion joint, and packing distributors in the United States.


manufacturer of Pipes - Rubber technical parts, and plastic technical products. Consulting service.

"Cascade Rubber Products Inc."

custom rubber manufacturing. Large press work with platen size up to 80 x 116. Computer-controlled 600-ton injection press.

"Caucho Industrial Verdu S.L."

rubber articles for every kind of industrial application.

"Cellular Developments Ltd."

rubber moulding company specialising in cellular rubber, also capable of manufacturing a wide variety of products for many different industries.

"CF Service srl"

manufacturer of industrial gaskets, provides a fully-equipped local production workshop for order management and delivery.

"CFItalia Challenger Foam Italia"

working and transformation of synthetic materials like rubber for the automotive and other industries.

"Chain Yeeh Industrial Co., Ltd."

oil seal, packing, o-ring, automobile parts, engine parts, gasket, seal and rubber products.

"Chaing-An Rubber Co., Ltd"

specialized in the production of various types of rubber products, cooperates with famous companies, Panasonic, Siemens and more.

"Chamberlin Rubber Co."

ducting, industrial hose, hydraulic hose, hose clamps and couplings, gasket materials, silicones, valves, adhesives, mats, mattings, more.

"Chardon Rubber Company"

provides engineered rubber and plastic components, specializing in innovative elastomer solutions through custom mixing.

"Chicago Rawhide"

leading supplier of fluid sealing devices for the truck, automotive, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery and machine tool industries.

"Chin Lung Oil Seals Industrial"

specialist in oil seals, o-rings, packings, shock bushes, dust guard of driving shafts and weatherproof, acid & alkali resistant rubber products.


manufacturer of endless rubber belts, rubber items for spinning and texturizing.

"Chung Ta Rubber Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of parts for lamp, motor, electronic appliance, small household appliance, o-rings, dairy, food, chemical processing industries, coffemaker.

"Cibiesse Gomma srl"

moulders of industrial gaskets & seals in rubber & silicone.

"CKT Rubber Co., Ltd."

rubber food stand, rubber inter-connectors, ckt rubber rollers, silicone rubber tubes & other products, rubber keypads.

"Clwyd Compounders Rubber Technologists"

specialists in rubber compounding.

"Coast Craft Rubber Company"

manufacturer of precision molded rubber parts, seals and reinfore diaphragms. Elastomer selection and part design guidance service.

"Colorado Molded specializes in manufacturing molded rubber products"

Colorado Molded has specialized in manufacturing molded rubber products for over 53 years. We are the most diversified molded rubber manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain Region.

"Columbia Rubber Mills"

manufacturer of molded products, specializes in covering all types of rollers with natural and synthetic rubber.

"ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen Gmbh"

specialist in plastic and rubber technology, offers membranes, conveyor belts, hoses, power transmission products, moulded products and more.

"Cooper Industries"

manufactures a variety of rubber products in three business segments: electrical products, tools and hardware, and automotive products.

"Covac Co., Ltd."

manufacturing and selling silicone and synthetic rubber moulding products.

"Custom Seal & Rubber Products"

specializing in polyurethane rubber for wear and abrasion resistance. Design and material selection assistance.

"Custom Service Labs"

designs and manufactures medical and industrial products: inflatable bladders, pipe plugs/stoppers, sleevers and tank liners.

"D.A.R. Industrial Products, Inc."

fabricator of gaskets, rubber products, packings, high temperature textiles, and other custom applications.

"Da/Pro Rubber, Inc."

custom molded rubber products using the proprietary Da/Pro process which automatically adjusts for compound or part configuration variables.

"Dalmar S.p.A."

manufacturer of precision rubber, specialized in flexibe hoses and rubber seals and gaskets.

"Darac Extrusions and Rubber Mouldings Ltd."

for all your rubber and plastic moulding requirements. Darac offers calculations for engineering applications using rubber and prototype service.


manufacturer of rubber flooring: mats, rolls and tiles for decorative or industrial use. Standard qualities and special, for acids resistant, oil, fire.

"Dharmesta Swasti Mandiri DSM"

manufacturer of rubber products since 1960, DSM produce over 400 items of products in various colours, made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

"Dicoinsa SL"

specialized in the manufacture of silicone rubber tubes, profiles, joints and moulded pieces.


specialized in industrial rubber gaskets supply, O. Rings , lip seals, rubber mouldings by drawing or sample.

"Dixon Valve & Coupling Company"

manufacturers of quality hose fittings and accessories.

"Dunlop Tire Corporation"

full line tire supplier dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of the world s finest and most technologically advanced tires.


part of UniPoly Enerka Holdings BV. The Belting Division manufactures and distributes a wide range of rubber and PVC belting.

"Duram Rubber Products Co."

production of rubber products for picking fingers, O-rings, irrigation, slings, machinery, water systems and more

"Duro Roller, Inc."

manufacturer of several rubber and metal roller product lines.

"Dyna-Mix Inc."

producer of custom mixed compounds and provider of services within the rubber industry.

"E.N.R.I. Enterprise Normande de Rouleaux Industriels"

manufacturer of rollers in silicone, polyurethane, rubber.

"Eagle-Picher Industries Inc."

manufactures rubber and other industrial products for the automotive, defense, aerospace, construction and other international markets worldwide.

"East Bay Rubber Company"

manufacturer of rubber to metal bonded products, custom molded goods, and laboratory stoppers.

"Eaton Corp."

global manufacturer of highly engineered products that serve industrial, vehicle, construction, commercial, aerospace and semiconductor markets.

"Elastomer Engineering Limited"

manufacturers of high quality mouldings in natural and synthetic rubbers, specialising in rubber to metal and rubber to fabric bonded materials.

"Eltech Rubber India Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturer of moulded rubber products & extruded products: gaskets, profiles, hoses, sheets, reducers, o-rings, reducers, seals, tubes.

"Enko Products Ltd."

manufacturer of playground surfaces, safety surfaces, golf mats and industrial mats from recycled rubber.

"EPM Inc."

supplier of molded and extruded rubber.

"EVR Products"

complete line of reinforced rubber piping products. We also carry valves, connectors, joints, hoses.

"F. B. Wright"

fabricator and distributor of rubber, plastic, and urethane products.

"FA.G.I. sas"

manufacturer of gaskets, packing and seals used for hydraulics and pneumatics, standard sizes and on drawing, made with a wide range of raw materials.

"Fabricator and Distributor of Rubber Products"


"Federal-Mogul Corp."

manufactures rubber parts for global customers in the automotive, light truck, heavy-duty, farm and industrial markets.

"Ferri Renzo & C. s.n.c."

manufacturer of vibration dampers and rubber items.

"Ferrogom S.R.L."

manufacturer of a wide range of cords, tubes, profiles in silicone, natural rubber and other materials.

"Finzer Roller Corporation"

makers of rubber rollers for a variety of industries.

"Fit-o-Fit Enginnering Pvt Ltd"

specialises in hydraulic & Pneumatic seals, O Rings, Gaskets Oil Seals, Chevron Packing, rubber parts.


international rubber and elastomer finished products manufacturer group. The served markets are automotive, textile, construction, mining, petroleum industry.

"Flexan Corporation"

specializes in custom molded rubber products. Food and water handling products, automotive and medical components, technical assistance.

"Flexible Products Company"

manufacturer of injection molded rubber parts and vibration isolation systems.

"For neoprene bridge bearings, elastomeric bearing, bearing"

manufacturer neoprene bridge bearings, bridge bearing, bearing pads,neoprene bridge bearing,laminated elastomeric bearings, precure tread rubber, moulded rubber products, molded rubber parts

"Foulke Rubber Products, Inc."

makes rubber-covered rollers, pulleys, and molded products.


well known for technically advanced seal designs which significantly reduce warranty claims for OE automotive and industrial manufacturers.

"Fusion Inc."

OEM representative for mechanical engineered products from plastic, rubber and metal.

"Fuxin Rubber Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber pipe used for oxygen, acetylene, coalgas and rubber pipe layered cloth, metal roll covered with rubber.

"G.B. S.r.l."

group of companies manufacturing rubber products.

"G.L.B. Corporation"

processes Viton into moldings, extrusions, and sheets.


manufacturers of metal wire cloth, perforated plates, nettings and finished products, including rubber screens.

"Gapi Group"

industrial seals, PTFE; rubber compounds; paints and enamels.

"Garlock Sealing Technologies"

provide innovative products to multinational and other corporations in every major industry. Includes rubber products.

"Gates Rubber Company"

largest manufacturers of Rubber Sheeting, Matting and Insertion materials in the UK, supplying high quality products to all the main industry sectors.

"Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Lo., Ltd."

O-rings, quattro-rings, v-seals in various shapes of packaging to worldwide markets.

"General Rubber Co."

offers a variety of products. Services include custom molded and extruded parts.

"General Rubber Corporation"

designers and manufacturers of mechanical rubber expansion joints and fittings for municipal and industrial piping systems. Tech service.

"Georgia Duck"

designs, engineers and manufactures conveyor belting.

"Gesrubber, S.A."

rubber products manufacturer: extruded, molded and other products, coatings, services.


silicone rubber industrial products: extruded and coextruded silicone rubber parts, and rubber moulding.


manufacturer of membranes in rubber EPDM and butyl.

"Globe Rubber Works"

marine, military, transportation, and industrial products.

"Gollmer & Hummel"

manufacturer of inside and outside rubberized multipurpose hose and fire and industrial layflat hoses of different materials for a lot of applications.

"Gomatec, S.L."

manufacturer of o-rings, washers, drawing parts following customers design, made with a series of compounds approved by International Authorities.

"Goodwill Rubber Industries"

manufacturer of industrial automobile, marine, domestic, and mechanical, natural and synthetic rubber parts, oil ring, seals, washer and tyres retreading, more.

"Goodyear Rubber and Supply"

distributor and fabricator of conveyor belting and related rubber products.

"Greene Rubber Company"

manufacturer of custom fabricated and molded rubber seals, gaskets, EMI/RFI materials, o-rings, bumpers & grommets. Distributor of other industrial products.

"Griswold Rubber"

manufacturer of cellular rubber products and customer-designed compounds: sports & medicine, industrial products, computer accessories, die ejection materials.

"Grupo Cautex S.A."

manufacturers and distributors of rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive, industry and marine applications: hoses, mats, profiles, cables, boots, more.

"Grupo Solanes"

manufactures rubber hoses and tubes, profiles and bellows, washers, rubber sheets and bands.

"Gruppo SAIAG"

companies operating in the rubber and aluminium fields; the main activities of the rubber sector are represented by flexible hoses, electric cords, cables.


manufacturer of rubber seals.

"Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd."

produces reclaim rubbers from scrap of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber tubes, butyl tubes, rubber products etc. for different applications.


manufacturer specialized in the fields of power transmission and conveyor technology. List of affiliated companies and related web sites.

"Hallite Seals International"

manufacturesf piston, rod seals, wipers and bearing rings in plastic and rubber mainly used in hydraulic cylinders for mining and construction vehicles.

"Helvoet BV"

internationally oriented co-designer and manufacturer of high-tech components and assemblies, produced from custom-made rubber and plastics.

"Hi-Tech Rubber, Inc."

manufacturer of custom molded rubber components; specializing in liquid silicone molding, compression, transfer, injection molding. Engineering service.

"High Tech Elastomers Inc."

custom molder which specializes in rubber to metal bonding.

"HLN Rubber Products Ptd Ltd"

produce, customize and fabricate rubber components for industrial uses.

"Hoogerdijk Technisch Rubber B.V."

specialised in supplying rubber and TPE moulded products, extruded products, shaped hoses, converted products, gaskets, more.

"HoseCo, a.s."

spanish manufacturer of a wide range of gaskets.

"Hsi Tai Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber flooring products, industrial rubber sheets and rubber tube/hose.


french rubber products manufacturer for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

"Hydrogomma srl"

manufacturer of flexible connection hoses using non-toxic EPDM rubber, PVC or PTFE tubing, braiding by cotton, nylon, galvanized or stainless steel.

"Hygenic Corp."

manufacturer of natural and synthetic rubber tourniquets, tubing, and sheeting, for medical and industrial markets.

"IER Industries, Inc."

manufacturing custom rubber sealing components servicing many industries including automotive, aerospace, and industrial.

"IMCO, Inc."

manufacturer of precision molded rubber parts and shaker screen products.

"Indana Rubber Industries"

specialized in the manufacture of rubber molded items.

"Industria HP"

manufacturer of lab instruments for the testing needs of many industries, inclunding rubber, plastic, leather, paper and more.

"Industrial Rubber Company Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber lining, mouldings, extrusions, hoses, conveyor belts, pipe & hose couplings, pumps, hydraulic hoses.

"Industrias Rodero, S.L."

manufacturer of any kind of rubber molded pieces.

"Inland Valley Rubber Co., Inc."

manufacturer of custom molded rubber products for OEM automotive, electronics, industrial products, oil tool, aerospace and food processing industries.


products for industrial applications: asphalt modification for highways and roofing, tires, hoses, belts and other automotive parts; footwear manufacture.

"International Track Systems, Inc."

offers extruded and molded railroad rubber and plastic products for the transportation industry, agricoltural mats, trailer body flooring, more.

"Italsaplast s.r.l."

manufacturer of soles and other shoes parts of any material type, including rubber.

"ITALSTOCK s.r.l."

division of the Valgomm Group, produces and stocks (under agreement) all kinds of non standard industrial seals made to customer requirements.

"Itran Rubber Corp."

manufacturers of engineered custom molded rubber products and rubber bonded to metal assemblies for dynamic and static applications. Engineering service.

"J. Miller Co., Inc."

manufacturing of gaskets and products die-cut from non-metallic materials. Parts for electronics, automotive, aerospace, machinery and others.

"J.L. Schroth Company"

specializing in molding, bonding and custom mixing.

"Ja-Bar Silicone Corporation"

manufacturer of silicone products including EMI/RFI gaskets & silicone material in solid, sponge, foam and extruded varieties.

"Jain Rubber Industry"

manufacturer of O Rings, Seals, Buckets, Chevron Packing, Bushes, Buffers, Rayon Imprignated Seals, Star Couplings, Auto Spare parts, Pressure Cokker Gasket.

"Jeantet Elastomeres"

makes rubber moulded pieces in elastomers as well as ebonite moulded mouthpieces for pipes and musical instruments. In French and English.

"Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of reclaimed rubber and industrial rubber products.

"Jim Way Enterprise Co., Ltd."

rubber products, pulley rubber lagging, and other products for belt conveying.

"Jotex Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

rubber roller, exit/ feeding rollers, o-rings and all kinds of molding parts in silicone, EPDM, NBR, CR& PU rubber materials.

"Juan Roncaglia, SAIC"

manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal products for the general industry. Coatings and molded products.

"Jurgen Lerch"

manufacturer of technical rubber articles and industrial requirements: rubber-bonded metals, rubber moulding parts, custom made products.

"Kalpetta Estates Limited"

manufacturer of natural rubbers, rubber products, rubber mats, kerala, car mats, stable mats, floor mats, mud flaps.

"Kantilal Chhotalal & Co."

manufacturers of all kinds of Rubber Mouldings & Extrusions, supply Rubber and Ebonite Products to leading organizations consisting of O.E. manufacturers.

"Karman Rubber"

full services rubber products manufacturer, including vibro-insulators.

"Kee Fatt Industries Sdn Bhd"

all rubber-base power transmission belts used largely in automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors.

"Kingley Rubber Ind.Co., Ltd."

large-scale OEM manufacturer of rubber keypads, membrane switchs, connectors, rubber parts.

"Kinma Rubber Mfg."

producer of automotive, heavy truck, tractor and industrial rubber component parts and components.

"Kinnarney Rubber"

circuit board header pin masks, mil-style masking boots, and custom masking boots for wave solder applications

"Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co.Ltd."

manufacturer of high quality products in all processes from development and designing to production for automotive and other industries.

"Korea CMB Co., Ltd."

supplies high quality standard EPDM and NBR compound as well as natural rubber and other synthetic rubber compound.


manufactures latex exam gloves, extruded products, rubber rollers, rings, profiles, hoses, seals, paints and more.

"L.A.B. Group Netherlands"

commercial and industrial matting: offers a wide variety of quality Entrance Mats, Drain-through, Ergonomic, Anti-fatique, Safety and Anti-slip matting.

"LA.GO.S. Srl"

vibration-damping mounts, rubber gaskets, industrial components, rubber undervehicle platform truck.

"Lamons Gasket Company"

manufactures gaskets in many materials including rubber.


closed-cell sponge and solid polymer extrusions are available in continuous lengths and intricate profile shapes. Lauren can compound seals and gaskets.

"Lav.El. Gomma S.r.l."

manufacturer of rubber o-rings and custom moulding.

"Lavelle Industries, Inc."

supplies custom and standard molded parts using rubber, tpe and plastics with in-house tool & design capabilities.


foremost authority in the use of rubber for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance, manufactures high performance industrial rubber products.

"Lord Corporation"

designs, formulates, manufactures and markets adhesives, polyurethane coatings, and devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise.

"M.A. Hanna Company"

leading international polymers company focused on color and additive systems for plastics, plastic and rubber compounding, rubber additives.

"Malcom Mann, Inc."

manufacturing materials for appliances, construction, automotive assembly, and pipe gaskets.

"Manufacturados Españoles de Resinas Fluoradas, S.L."

manufacturer of technical plastic and rubber articles for delicate applications: PTFE, silicone extrusion, moulding, coatings.

"MARDEC Berhad"

Malaysian Government-owned company, processed natural rubber from Malaysian smallholders into consumer and industrial products. Technical service.

"Margilgomma snc"

injection and compression rubber item stamping; rubber, metal gate and rolls. Manufacture of technical and industrial items and gaskets of all types.

"Marian, Inc."

leader in the production of components and products for electronics, automotive, telecommunications, appliance, and other industries, and medical diagnostics.

"Medical Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd."

food & pharmaceutical rubber products, rubber products for electronic industries, tubing and hoses, sanitary products, moulding articles and more.


manufacturer of rubber timing belts, flat belts, and other industrial products.


represents in Italy the EFFBE Group, european leader in rubber products, specialized in rubber coated fabric.

"Metal Rubber Corporation"

specializing in the manufacture of precision Rotary Metal and Rubber Components, Rubber to Metal Bonding.

"Metro Tyres"

manufacturer of bycicle tyres, tubes and chains.

"MGN, S.A."

suspencions, multi-sandwich mounting, chevron mounting, bushing, silenblocks, floors of rubber, moulded pieces of big dimensions.

"Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc."

a custom rubber and plastic molder supplying the automotive, appliance, material handling, recreational, and caster wheel industries. Custom design.

"Midas Pre-Cured Treads"

manufactures a range of rubber products needed by the retreading industry.

"molded rubber"

the leading manufacturer to produce the special rubber products, Such as special-shape rubber pipes, covers, stoppers, plates, rings, oil seal, conveyor belt, grommets, bumper, cushions and racks, etc


offers rubber keypads.

"Molten (North America) Corp."

supplies rubber and plastic injection molded parts.

"Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp."

manufacturer of durafoam; closed cell sponge rubber; rubber and plastic foam.

"Narendran Polymers"

manufactures and exports rubber floor mats, coir mattings, door entrance mats, and rugs for domestic, industrial & institutional use.

"Navex Elastómeros, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal industrial pieces.

"Nirlon Ltd."

Nirlon is one of India s largest producers of Nylon Filament Yarn, Nylon Tyrecord, Industrial Yarns, Various types of Rubber Conveyor and V-Belts.

"Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd."

developes the technology centered on polymer materials, specially synthetic rubber and resins, bringing innovations in automotive, civil and cosmetics goods.

"North American Seal & Supply Inc."

manufactures gaskets, fabricate to print using most rubber & plastic materials; distributor of rubber bands, hoses, sheet, sponge, molded & extruded rubber.


manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, filters and more for ships, industrial use, automotive industry. Design service.

"NRI Industries"

engineered products from recycled tires: automotive, transportation products, mats and flooring, rubber sheets.

"Nuova VM"

working for the ceramic industry, offers polyurethane rubber, pressing of punches, equipment for punch pressing, matrices, elastomer coatings, varnishes for rubber.

"O Donnell Industrial Design and Sales Inc"

specializes in custom plastic & rubber extruded and molded parts for today s industries.

"O.N.T. Officine Nastri Trasportatori S.p.A."

manufacturer of rubber belt conveyors.

"Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali S.p.a."

miscellaneous rubber-coated plates, rubber brake pads, technical items of any type of elastomer made to customer drawing and many other rubber products.

"Omni Seals Inc."

specializing in custom molded rubber, fabric reinforced diaphragms, rubber to metal, plastic and seals. Engineering, design and material testing service.

"One World Polymer"

manufacturer of molded rubber.

"Optimit a.s."

manufacturer of hoses, membranes and technical rubber.

"ORIGOM s.p.a."

division of the Valgomm Group, produces, tests and stocks standard and non standard O-Rings.

"Pacific Echo, Inc."

manufacturer of spa hose and industrial hose.

"Passaic Rubber Co"

manufacturer of rubber products including rubber rollers, endless belting and calendered materials.

"Pawling Corporation"

architectural/construction, automotive, industrial products, custom extrusion, custom mixing.

"Penn-Tech Rubber Inc."

serving major manufacturers in industry such as appliance, automotive, construction, electronics, government, marine, recreational, utility and more.

"Performance Processing Company"

manufactures silicone and fluoroelastomer compounds. Valued customers base ranging from the medical to aerospace industries

"Phoenix AG"

manufactures industrial and automotive rubber products. Consulting/development and training service.


leading company in the production of polyurethane industrial articles. Offers testing laboratory and technical staff to resolve any problem.

"Plasgumi Ltd."

offers a wide range of plastic and rubber products for the industrial, commercial and building industry. Engineering, Design, and Tooling Departments.

"Plymouth Rubber Company"

manufactures and supplies rubber and vinyl products to a broad range of markets, including the electrical supply industry, automotive, OEM and more.

"Polcon Italiana S.r.l."

plants and technology for rubber products, trading of natural rubber threads and chemicals, production and trading of covered rubber thread, more.

"Poly Rubber Products"

design and fabrication of tanks, vessels, pipes and fittings, rubber linings, rubber moldings, and other speciality products.

"Polycorp Inc."

designer and manufacturers of engineered polymer products: rail products, mining products, sheet rubber products.

"Polymeric Protective Linings"

offers nearly 70 different linings based on a variety of compounds, including natural rubber, neoprene, butyl, nitrile, chlorobutyl, Hypalon, EPDM and PVC.

"Polytech Rubber Industries"

makers of rubber and ebonite roller and moulded rubber parts.


producer of flexible mold rubbers and rigid casting resins. Offer a complete line of moldmaking and casting materials. Online store and newsletters.

"Precision Silicones, Inc."

specializing in custom compounded silicone products.

"Price Rubber Corp."

manufacturer of conveyor belting and industrial rubber products: industrial hose, precured tread, custom mixing.

"Primeline Industries"

manufacturer of dipped natural rubber latex tubing for medical, scientific, industrial, sport, rehab and therapy markets.

"Prince Rubber and Plastics Co., Inc."

manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for the pulp and paper, heavy chemical, and OEM markets.

"Probelt Industrial Corp."

specializes in the manufacture of rubber conveyor belting, transmission belting, bucket elevator belting, etc.

"PSP Marketing"

offers protective equipment including gloves, aprons, safety boots, helmets, and more.

"Pure Rubber Products"

specializes in custom molded elastomer parts, rubber bonding and molding, from prototype to full line assembly, expecially for medical customers.

"Purple Pig"

manufactures rubber linings for heavy industry, supply hose, fittings, general rubber sheet, rubber mouldings, and extrusions.

"Pyrope Industries Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of elastomer and rubber molded products for the construction and engineering, building and automotive industries.

"QSR Quality Synthetic Rubber, Inc."

manufacturer of precision molded elastomeric components. Expert assistance in material selection and custom design.

"R D Rubber Technology Corporation"

specializing in precision molded rubber products for medical, food processing, military and aerospace, electronics and other high technology industries.

"R.D.M. Gomma"

specialized in the production of rubber technical articles and industrial gaskets.

"R.D.P. Manufacturers and Developers of Rubber Porducts, LTD."

specializing in manufacturing and developing customized rubber products by the pressing method, is equipped with automatic presses for vacuum pressing.


manufacturer of high technology rubber products, developped in the years the production of high quality flexible rubber hose.

"Ravasco Transmission & Packing P.Ltd."

manufacturer and exporters of rubber conveyor belts, transmission belt, fan vee belt, auto belts rubber sheets & rubber moulded goods.

"Rayco Rubber Manufacturing Co Pte Ltd"

manufacturer of custom made precision rubber components.

"Recover Rollers Ltd."

manufacturers and refurbishers of all types of rubber covered rollers, manufacturers of rubber slitter rings.

"Reiss Manufacturing, Inc."

leading custom manufacturer of silicone, fluorosilicone and Viton rubber, moldings, extrusions, co-extrusions, and thermoplastic extrusions.

"Reka Rubber Ltd."

offers a wide spectrum of solutions from moulded products to heavy profiles and tailored, hand-made products. The main customer group is vehicle industry.

"Renko Canada"

rubber products from Renko can be found on roofs, windows, facades, ponds, automotives, floors, even under your shoes.

"RGH Rubber Gasket Hose"

industrial supplier of any size and any quantity of rubber gaskets and hoses, to your specification.

"RIALS, Fábrica Artículos Caucho, S.A."

manufacturer of technical rubber profiles for all industrial sectors though with particular emphasis on the automotive industry.


manufacturer of Chlorinated Rubber and engaged in the supply of raw materials and allied products to the rubber, paint, inks adhesives and Plastic Industry.

"RLT Industries"

global sourcing of plastic, rubber and metal components for aerospace, appliance, automotive and medical industries.


quality manufacturer of rubber molded parts, designs and manufactures prototype and production tooling in house.

"Ronfell Group"

solid and liquid silicone rubber polymers, rubber and many rubber products for a wide range of applications.

"Rubber & Plastic N.I. Limited"

supplier of a range of industrial products and services to its many and varied customers in Ireland and beyond: hoses, sheeting/matting, fittings, more.

"Rubber Age L.M. Manufacturing Inc."

manufactures custom rubber components and injection molding for the automotive, agricultural, industrial, medical, recreational, etc. industries.

"Rubber Astic"

largest independant convertor of rubber and plastic materials in the UK, can manufacture almost any product from rubber, foam or plastic materials.

"Rubber Development Inc."

rubber injection molder offering part design, compound development, mold design, prototyping, testing, tooling manufacturing, process development.

"Rubber Engineering and Development Company REDCO"

offers rubber rollers, molded rubber, extrusions, die cut gaskets, and sub-assemble components.

"Rubber Enginnering"

wear rubber products, custom molded products, lined rubber products; combining advanced elastomer technology with application-oriented engineering.

"rubber products"

Our company founded in 1995,and mainly produces reclaimed rubber,rubber wheel,tire and tube,castor, rubber cushion and car mats for export.

"Rubber Urethanes, Inc."

precision rubber rollers and cylindrical rotary components for the movements of paper, tape, and film.

"Rubberatkins Ltd."

rubber moldings, rubber to metal bondings, and supplies rubber sheet, extrusion and gaskets.

"Rubberex M Sdn Bhd"

hand protection products: general purpose gloves and chemical resistant gloves for industrial, food handling, marine, agricultural, and more uses.

"Rubbermold, S.L."

manufacturer of molded rubber products. Development and design of technical products.

"Rubena a.s."

manufacturer of a wide range of rubber products.

"S&H Rubber Inc."

makes custom molded rubber products, specializing in rubber-to-metal bonding.

"S.E.A. s.r.l."

specializes in the production of O Rings in numerous types of compounds.

"S.I.L.G.R.A. S.p.A."

technical extruded and moulded articles along with the customer drawings, in only rubber or rubber and metal. Extensive experience in rubber flooring and sheets.

"Salem Republic Rubber Company"

custom engineered industrial hose an calendered products for avion, chemical, dredging, food, industrial fabrication, municipal industries and more.

"Samsung industry co.,ltd"

manufactures sealing products, gaskets, braided packing, gasket sheet, rubber products.

"Samwon Tire"

Korean manufacturers of rubber products such as automobile inner tubes, tire flaps, rubber sheet.

"San Hao Rubber Co., Ltd."

rubber products, rubber shoes material, special rubber, cushion materials, seals, wheels, etc.

"San Wu Rubber Mfg. Co., Ltd."

manufacturer and exporter of transmission and conveyor belts for industrial use.

"Santa Fe Rubber Products, Inc."

manufactures molded and bonded rubber products for OEMS in the automotive, electronic, and fluid sealing fields.

"SAS Industries, Inc."

offers custom molding, extrusions, and die-cut products, including gaskets and shielding.

"Schuyler Rubber"

specializes in marine-recycled laminated rubber fenders. Includes tugs, barges & workboats, dock bumpers and wheel chocks.

"Seal Science Inc."

makes rubber, plastics, TFE and metal products such as O-rings, piston/rod seals and gaskets.

"Sei Woo Rubber Products Pte Ltd"

producer of moulded rubber products and extruded profiles for the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, home appliances industries.

"SENNE Company"

manufacturers representatives and distributors of custom O.E.M. parts.

"Service Rubber Group, Inc."

rubber extrusions and small parts, including vibration isolation mounts.

"Shieh Chi Industrial Co., Ltd"

LPG rubber hose & assembly for car, planet, equipment, housing.

"Shinn Tay Rubber Co., Ltd."

all kinds of Industrial parts for computer, machines, Cars and oil filters accessories: rubber seals, covers, boots, grommets, rings, valve balls.

"Silcavi s.r.l."

manufacturer of special cables for high temperatures and thermoregulation ranging from silicone rubber to fluorocarbon resins and PVC.

"Silex Ltd."

specialists, in silicone rubber products: tubing, hoses, sponge, cord, compound, moulding, profiles, sheet, washers, gaskets, fabrications.

"Silicone Rubber Right Products, Inc."

specializing in silicone rubber production, molding, and fabricated products.

"Silicone Solutions"

consulting and custom manufacturing focusing on silicone products and technology. Consulting projects and seminars offered.


specialized in o-rings, and gaskets for gas controls, thermocouples and security valves, also manufactures a wide arnge of products on clients specification.


manufacurer of rubber, viton and silicone articles. O-rings, gaskets, juctions, diaphragm and any kind of pieces made of natural or sinthetic rubber.

"Siloxane Technologies, Inc."

manufactures extruded silicone rubber products: tubing, gaskets, cord, seals, weatherstripping, and more.

"Simolex Rubber Corporation"

custom extruder, molder, and fabricator of silicone, fluorosilicone, and conductive silicone rubber. Custom rubber compounds to specifications.

"Sin Rubtech Consultancy Sdn. Bhd."

manufactures rubber curatives and blowing agents in polymer bound predispersed chemical PBPC form.

"Smooth-On, Inc."

our product line includes specialized liquid plastics, mold making compounds, release agents and liquid rubbers for industrial and art related applications.

"Soucy Baron inc."

specialists in the design and manufacture of high-quality rubber molded parts. In English and French.

"Spaggiari Industria Gomma srl"

vulcanisation and pressing of rubber articles, contract work. Teats, tubes and seals for milking systems, profiles, bottle teats and membranes, wheels, more.

"Sparcs Belting Company"

manufacturer of conveyor belts, offers sparks package handling belts.

"Specialty Silicone Products Inc."

specialty silicone formulating, molding and extruding. Manufacturer of EMI shielding silicone rubber, silicone greases and compounds.

"Stubert Franz Gmbh"

manufacturer of rubber and plastic products. Site in German.

"Sun Roller Company, Inc."

rubber rollers for printing and industrial applications.


group of companies with diversified interests in manufacturing and trading of industrial rubber, retreat tyres, machinery and equipment.

"Superior Tire and Rubber Corp."

manufacturer of solid industrial polyurethane and rubber tires, wheels and designer of custom elastomer products.

"Synair Corporation"

rubber urethane chemical company specializing in the development and production of resin systems for use in rubber mold making and casting.

"Syntex Rubber Corporation"

standard or custom molded and stamped rubber parts for applications in automotive, electrical, aerospace, furniture, medical and more industries.

"Taguchi Rubber Group"

manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost customized rubber molded products. Headquatered in Tokyo with branches in Malaysia and Singapore.

"Tai Yang Rubber Corporation Ltd."

oil seals, o-rings, gaskets, O-ring molds and rubber parts.

"Tako Astatic Technology Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of rubber based materials: elastic straps, finger cots, groves, floor mats, and other ESD products.

"Taradon Rubber Co."

custom molded rubber products, silicones, rubber-to-metal bolding, tara-sil rubber compounds.

"TAS Europa S.A."

member of the Solanes Group, manufactures and distributes rubber products for a wide range of industries: hoses and tubes, profiles, washes, sheets, bands.

"Tecar S.p.A."

specialized in manufacturing technical rubber products by means of extrusion and injection molding.

"Teknikum Yhtiöt Oy"

manufacturer of technical rubber products in Finland: molded products, hoses, rubber compounds, rubber glues.

"Teknor Apex"

rubber products and more: tires, custom rubber mixing, custom rubber molding for automotive, industrial, consumer, wire & cable, medical, tire and retread markets.

"Ten Cate Enbi"

specialized in the development and manufacture of sophisticated multi-material assemblies; formulates and molds millable gum rubber materials.

"Termogomma S.r.l."

manufacturer of rubber components, common and special masterbatches.


sheet rubber, rubber and plastic industrial hose, gasket materials, skirtboard/chute lining rubber.

"Thai Rubber Latex Corp. (Thailand ) Pcl"

manufactures natural rubber latex, skim rubber and standard thai rubber for several end markets and examination gloves, rubber thread, infant products.

"The Biltrite Corporation"

worldwide manufacturer of rubber and vinyl products, offering sheet rubber products for flooring, footwear, and industrial uses.

"The Flexaust Company, Inc."

producer of Flexaust: lightweight and flexible, it is easy to cut, couple, and connect using only basic tools.

"The Gates Rubber Company"

manufacturer of automotive and industrial hose and connectors, belts, power transmission and more.

"The Rubber Group"

stock and custom manufactured precision rubber products: grommets, isolation mounts, rollers, bumpers, die cutting, custom molding, tubing, profiles.

"The Rubber Group"

manufactures rubber fabricated mechanical components. Grommets, rollers, isolation mounts, extruded profiles, tubing, cord, O-rings, bumpers, appliance feet.

"Thomas Anthoine Co."

fabricates and laminates rubber, polyurethane, foam, and flame retardant materials and mouse pads; specialty Die Cutting for packaging needs.

"Titagarh Industries Ltd."

Panihati Rubber Limited, a member of the Titagarh Industries Group, manufactures Lead Moulded, Smooth Finish, High Tensile Yarn Braided Long Length Rubber Hoses.

"TKA-Yhtyma Oy"

rubber technical items for industry.

"TMP Technology Inc."

designs and manufactures highly engineered polyurethane foam, rubber and plastic products for the industrial, household, medical and more markets.

"Tokai Rubber Industries Co., Ltd."

lateral product supplies to different industries, such as automotive as the largest sector, office automation, communications, electronics, and more.

"Tolins Rubber Pvt. Ltd."

specialize in tyre retreading products & other rubber related products, including precured & conventional tread rubber, rubber mats, rubber compounds, etc.

"Tongxiang Double Arrow Group Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of brand conveyor belts, flat rubber belts and rubber tubes.

"Tory Red Cap"

finger tips for engraving, jewels manufacturing, fruit picking, electronic industry, counting money, mail order sorting, glass industry, medical.

"Tovo Gomma"

producer of compounds and calendered rubbers and vulcanized rubber sheets for industrial applications.

"Tre-Esse Srl"

manufacturer of rubber profiles.

"Triangle Rubber Company, Inc."

manufacturer of rubber products since 1930: molded rubber, die cut, rubber to metal, tooling, o-rings, extrusions, sheet.

"Trumbull M.A.R.S., Inc."

manufacturing custom molded rubber products for industry, can assist your company in the development of elastomeric products engineered for your needs.

"Tubi Gomma Torino s.p.a."

manufacturer of hoses for a a wide range of industrial applications and moulded hoses for the automotive industry.

"Tumedei S.p.A."

supplier of high-tech rubber and composite engineering products featuring a high technological content according to customer s design and specifications.


four key divisions: conveyor belting, hydraulic hose and fittings, sealing and shielding, rubber products.

"United Rubber Supply Co., Inc."

manufacturer of die cutting, extrusions, molded parts, hoses.

"United Sheet Rubber Supply Co., Inc."

supplier of sheet, sponge, hose, and all other rubber product needs.

"Vacform Design"

market leader in the supply of silicone, natural, and latex rubber membranes to the membrane pressing industry, with a wide range of thicknesses and widths.

"Vacovich Klaris, Jorge"

rubber mining products and rubber conveyor belts.

"Vail Rubber Works"

focus on roll covers for the steel, aluminum, and paper industries.

"VALGOMM s.r.l."

main objective is the study and solution of sealing problems deriving from the use of industrial seals moulded and extruded made out of the most diverse polymers.

"Valley Industrial Rubber Products Co., Inc."

supplier specializing in hoses and belts, with on-site testing services of your hose assemblies.

"Van Cleave & Associates"

suppliers to the manufacturing industries, offers technical assistance with product design and material selection and rapid prototyping service.


o-rings, seals, custom moldings, gaskets, and extrusions products made of rubber and other materials.

"Vega S.p.a."

high tecnology in karting tyres.

"VIP Rubber and Plastic Products"

manufactured rubber and plastic products; calender sheet, rubber extrusion, plastic extrusion, molding.

"VIP Rubber Company, Inc."

extruded products include cord, tubing, custom shapes, glazing, seals, bumpers and sheet products.

"Vredestein Rubber Resources"

the major rubber processing company in the Netherlands: tyres, boots, extrusions profiles, compounds, rubber recycling, recycled rubber.


manufactures rubber conveyor belts, flooring and technical sheets, hoses, footwear, glue, neolit and technical goods.

"W.M. Bryden & Co. Ltd."

supplier of commercial rubber products: tubing, mouldings, hoses, sheet and matting and more.


specializes in producing custom molded products in standard or customized compounds, provides replacement diaphragms for Warren Rupp AOD pumps.

"Welton Rubber Company"

manufacturer/distributor of industrial rubber and related products.

"West American Rubber Co., Inc."

producer of myriad of manufactured rubber products: from gauge sheet rubber and extruded rubber products, to custom molding of rubber products.

"Wilks Rubber Plastics"

specialising in PVC, aluminium and rubber extrusions for the boat, shopfitting and general industries.

"Winn s Precisions, Inc."

leading supplier of Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Seals to a variety of world markets.

"Wolmot Ltd."

executor of many years co-operative domestic and foreign agreements with Fiat Auto, Daewoo, Porche and more, offers pipes, rubber hoses.

"Wynn s International, Inc."

supplies rubber automotive and industrial components and specialty chemical products.

"Yip Shing Metal Mfy"

Hong Kong manufacturer of molds and rubber and plastic components, including silicone rubber tubes and hoses, gaskets, and extrusions.

"Yoshino Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of conveyor belts.

"Yung Hua Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

molded & extruding rubber products, silicon viton, o-rings, oil seal, backup rings, dentist rubberized grinding tips & industrial use grinding wheels.

"Zenith Rubber & Plastic Works"

manufactures various kinds of rubber hoses, sheets, mats.

"ZGS-membrany, a.s."

design and manufactures a wide range of high precision, environmentally responsible synthetic diaphragms and membranes for gas meters, valves, more.

"Zon Yhi Industrial Co., Ltd."

vibration reducing and vibration assorbing rubber and other products.

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