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"Acushnet Rubber Company, Inc."
supplier of quality elastomeric and rubber components for the automotive, office machines, o-rings, recreation and safety industries.

"Advances Rubber Molding, Inc."

custom rubber die cutting, metal prepping for rubber bonding, extrusions and sheet rubber, chemical or mechanical bonding, and more.

"Aeroquip Group"

leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fluid-conveying and fluid-connecting products.

"AirBoss of America Corp."

compound development service and testing, mix more than 150 recipes for end uses ranging from O.E. passenger, off road and retread tires, to automotive parts.

"AirBoss Tyres Europe, Ltd."

manufactures and sells puncture-proof tyres for industrial equipment.


manufacturer of rubber products for the automotive industry.

"Alfombras Automoción, S.L."

manufacturer of mats in rubber and other materials for the automotive industy.

"Algaher, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber products for the automobile, construction and other industries: extruded and molded products.

"Alliance Tire Company, Ltd."

tire company producer of industrial, agricultural, off road, multi purpose products.

"Ames Rubber Corporation"

supplier of elastomeric components and assemblies to international, high-tech manufacturers of reprographic, film processing, and automotive equipment.

"Anand Nishikawa Co., Ltd."

co-extruded profiles/trims, glass run channel, windshield rubbers, profiles, and more automotive components.

"Anchor Rubber Company"

rubber products for industry.

"Aplicaciones Mecánicas del Caucho, S.A."

manufacturer of antivibration systems in rubber and metal for the automotive and general industry.

"Arteca Caucho-Metal"

specializing in bonded-rubber technnology and elastomers for application in buses, trucks, passenger cars, railroad cars and construction equipment.

"Associated Rubber Co."

offers full service rubber custom mixing and tread rubber manufacturing.

"Avon Rubber Company"

manufacturer of custom molded and extruded rubber products. Service to solve your rubber compound problems.

"Avon Rubber p.l.c."

manufacturers of diverse elastomer-based products for the automotive and other industries.

"BFGoodrich Tires"

manufacturing and sales of automotive aftermarket replacement tires.

"Birla Tyres"

manufacturer and exporter of tyres and tubes for consumer and commercial vehicles.

"Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc."

manufacturer of tires and other rubber products, including industrial products, building products, textiles, polymers. Career opportunities.


the biggest tyre manufacturer in Turkey.

"Buckhorn Rubber Products"

manufactures injection and compression molded rubber equipment and replacement parts for the transportation, civil and agricultural construction industries.

"California Gold s Designer Tyres"

tires with gold colored sidewalls.

"Carlisle Engineered Products"

Division of Carlisle Corporation, is a custom molder and extruder of rubber and plastic products, primarily for the OEM Automotive market.

"Carlisle Tire & Wheel Company"

subsidiary of Carlisle Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of quality commercial, recreational and utility tires.

"Catelsa Oyarzun S.A."

manufacturer of precision rubber products: seals, gaskets, membranes, dust covers, more.

"Caucho Metal Productos, S.L."

rubber products for the automotive industry.

"Cayna, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber mats for commercial and domestic uses, and for the automotive industry.

"Ceat Limited"

manufacture and export tyres.

"CFItalia Challenger Foam Italia"

working and transformation of synthetic materials like rubber for the automotive and other industries.

"Chain Yeeh Industrial Co., Ltd."

oil seal, packing, o-ring, automobile parts, engine parts, gasket, seal and rubber products.

"Chaing-An Rubber Co., Ltd"

specialized in the production of various types of rubber products, cooperates with famous companies, Panasonic, Siemens and more.

"Champion Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd."

rubber, vinyl and plastic mats including bath, car, door, sport, tufted, temperature sensitive, PVC foam, sponge mesh, foot massage mats.


manufacturer of tires, rubber crawlers, and rubber shoes.

"Cheng Shin Rubber Company"

tires for bicycles, wheelchairs, heavy and passenger vehicles, racing karts, ATVs, and forklifts, as well as agricultural and industrial applications.

"Chicago Rawhide"

leading supplier of fluid sealing devices for the truck, automotive, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery and machine tool industries.

"Cochin Rubbers"

exporters of tread and precured tread rubbers, cushion and bonding gums, vulcanising cements, rubber compounds and reclaim rubber.

"Continental AG"

product areas are Tires, Industrial Products and Automotive Systems.

"Continental General Tires, Inc."

Continental General Tires Corporate web site.


converts natural and synthetic rubbers into a variety of carbon black reinforced rubber products. Manufactures and markets automobile, truck and motorcycle tires.

"Cooper Industries"

manufactures a variety of rubber products in three business segments: electrical products, tools and hardware, and automotive products.

"Dana Corporation"

indipendent supplier to vehicular manufacturers and their related aftermarkets.

"Denman Tire Corporation"

manufacturer of specialty tires including tractor and earthmover.

"Dharmesta Swasti Mandiri DSM"

manufacturer of rubber products since 1960, DSM produce over 400 items of products in various colours, made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

"Discount Part Center"

Over 80,000 parts, accessories, wheels and tires for wholesale prices.

"DJ Profiles"

extruders of rubber seals and gaskets for the glazing and automotive industries.

"Dodge-Regupol, Inc."

manufacturer of recycled rubber products, including commercial rubber flooring, sport surfacing, playground and equine safety surfacing, automotive components.

"Dong Ah Tire"

producing automobile tires, especially inner tubes made of synthetic-butyl-rubber of full ranged sizes.

"Dunlop Tire Corporation"

full line tire supplier dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of the world s finest and most technologically advanced tires.

"Duro Tires & Wheels"

maufacturer of a large selection of quality tires.

"Eagle-Picher Industries Inc."

manufactures rubber and other industrial products for the automotive, defense, aerospace, construction and other international markets worldwide.

"Elastomer Engineering Limited"

manufacturers of high quality mouldings in natural and synthetic rubbers, specialising in rubber to metal and rubber to fabric bonded materials.

"Everthrough Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd."

manufacturing butyl and natural rubber inner tubes for sizes ranging from bicycle to heavy trucks.

"Federal Tyres"

one of the top 100 vehicle tire manufactures in the world.

"Federal-Mogul Corp."

manufactures rubber parts for global customers in the automotive, light truck, heavy-duty, farm and industrial markets.


international rubber and elastomer finished products manufacturer group. The served markets are automotive, textile, construction, mining, petroleum industry.

"Flexan Corporation"

specializes in custom molded rubber products. Food and water handling products, automotive and medical components, technical assistance.

"Flexible Products Company"

manufacturer of injection molded rubber parts and vibration isolation systems.


well known for technically advanced seal designs which significantly reduce warranty claims for OE automotive and industrial manufacturers.

"Fung Keong Rubber Manufactory M Sdn. Bhd."

group of companies manufacturing full range of tyres, inner tubes and confectionaries.

"Galaxy Tire & Wheel, Inc."

makers of purpose-built tires and wheels for agriculture, earthmoving, construction, material-handling and trucking.

"General Tire"

leading tire manufacturer.

"Gentyre Pty. Ltd."

division of Continental AG, offers news, events, tyre catalogue and brochure.

"Glenrock Rubber Products Private Ltd."

manufacturers of rubber door mats, coir mattings, holomats, polymer products, automobile mats, compounded rubber sheets and rubber backed cotton/coir mats.

"Glenrock Rubber Products Private Ltd."

manufacturers of rubber door mats, coir mattings, holomats, polymer products, automobile mats, compounded rubber sheets and rubber backed cotton/coir mats.

"Globe Rubber Works"

marine, military, transportation, and industrial products.

"Goodwill Rubber Industries"

manufacturer of industrial automobile, marine, domestic, and mechanical, natural and synthetic rubber parts, oil ring, seals, washer and tyres retreading, more.


manufacturers of tires and rubber products, has operations in most regions of the world. Employment opportunities.

"Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Australia"

Product & service centre guide and information on recycling of tyres.

"Grupo Cautex S.A."

manufacturers and distributors of rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive, industry and marine applications: hoses, mats, profiles, cables, boots, more.

"Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd"

chinese state-owned, large-scale, key tyre interprises.

"Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd."

produces reclaim rubbers from scrap of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber tubes, butyl tubes, rubber products etc. for different applications.


polyurethane, rubber, and plastics based products: inflatable boats, mattresses, automotive accessories, foam products and more.

"Gumunoinaki Co., Ltd."

industrial rubber and plastic products dealer, supplies various parts and materials that are indispensable to all industrial fields.

"Hallite Seals International"

manufacturesf piston, rod seals, wipers and bearing rings in plastic and rubber mainly used in hydraulic cylinders for mining and construction vehicles.

"Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co.,Ltd."

joint venture enterprise manufacturing tyres, rubber crawlers, and rubber shoes.

"Hankook Tire Co., Ltd."

korean manufacturer of tires and wheels.


complete line of tires to fit every vehicle and every budget.

"Hidro- Rubber Ibérica, S.A."

manufacturer of rubber products fro the automotive industry: molded rubber, profiles, more.

"HLN Rubber Products Ptd Ltd"

produce, customize and fabricate rubber components for industrial uses.


french rubber products manufacturer for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

"Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of industrial, bicycle, and motorcycle tires and tubes in Taiwan.

"IER Industries, Inc."

manufacturing custom rubber sealing components servicing many industries including automotive, aerospace, and industrial.

"Inland Valley Rubber Co., Inc."

manufacturer of custom molded rubber products for OEM automotive, electronics, industrial products, oil tool, aerospace and food processing industries.


products for industrial applications: asphalt modification for highways and roofing, tires, hoses, belts and other automotive parts; footwear manufacture.

"International Track Systems, Inc."

providing rubber and plastic products for the transportation industry: offers transit products, truck products and plywood products.

"International Track Systems, Inc."

offers extruded and molded railroad rubber and plastic products for the transportation industry, agricoltural mats, trailer body flooring, more.

"IRC Inoue Rubber Thailand Public Company Limited"

motorcycle tires, motorcycle inner tubes, automotive parts, motorcycle parts and other industrial products.

"J & J Trade Links"

exports natural rubber in the form of latex, crepe, sheet and block rubber; manufactures rubber products such as rubber mats, chappals, gloves, etc.

"J. Miller Co., Inc."

manufacturing of gaskets and products die-cut from non-metallic materials. Parts for electronics, automotive, aerospace, machinery and others.

"Jeantet Elastomeres"

makes rubber moulded pieces in elastomers as well as ebonite moulded mouthpieces for pipes and musical instruments. In French and English.

"Kalpetta Estates Limited"

manufacturer of natural rubbers, rubber products, rubber mats, kerala, car mats, stable mats, floor mats, mud flaps.

"Kantilal Chhotalal & Co."

manufacturers of all kinds of Rubber Mouldings & Extrusions, supply Rubber and Ebonite Products to leading organizations consisting of O.E. manufacturers.

"Kee Fatt Industries Sdn Bhd"

all rubber-base power transmission belts used largely in automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors.


american tire manufacturer.

"Kenda Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

chinese rubber manufacturer.

"Kerman Tire & Rubber Co."

iranian manufacturer of a wide range of tires to meet domestic and international demands.

"Kinma Rubber Mfg."

producer of automotive, heavy truck, tractor and industrial rubber component parts and components.

"Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co.Ltd."

manufacturer of high quality products in all processes from development and designing to production for automotive and other industries.

"KKR Private Limited"

Automotive industry oriented company. \nIt has a diversified manufacturing facility for development of Rubber Molded components. Rubber to Metal Bonded parts, Vibration Mounts, Isolators, Dampeners, Buffers. \nExtruded EPDM profiles in Solid and Spone for automotive and engineering industry. \nPVC / Vinyl Durometers , Flock Glass Channels

"Kumho Tires"

manufacturer and exporter of tires for passenger car, bus, and truck.

"Lancaster Colony"

manufactures and markets three families of products-Glassware and Candles, Specialty Foods and Automotive: Rubber, vinyl and carpet-on-rubber floor mats.

"Lange Hsuen Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber mats for the automotive industry and bath mats.

"Lavelle Industries, Inc."

manufacturer of rubber, offering complete line of rubber standard and plumbing replacement parts.

"Lord Corporation"

designs, formulates, manufactures and markets adhesives, polyurethane coatings, and devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise.

"Lyna Manufacturing Inc."

manufactures a tire and rim treatment for high and low speed pneumatic tires, to reduce the number of tires prematurely discarded each year.

"Malcom Mann, Inc."

manufacturing materials for appliances, construction, automotive assembly, and pipe gaskets.


manufacturer and recycler of tires.

"Marian, Inc."

leader in the production of components and products for electronics, automotive, telecommunications, appliance, and other industries, and medical diagnostics.

"Maxxis Tires"

premium brand of tires and tubes. Job opportunities.


manufacturer of a vast standard range of buffers and grommets.

"MGN, S.A."

suspencions, multi-sandwich mounting, chevron mounting, bushing, silenblocks, floors of rubber, moulded pieces of big dimensions.


leading manufacturer of full lines of tires.

"Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc."

a custom rubber and plastic molder supplying the automotive, appliance, material handling, recreational, and caster wheel industries. Custom design.

"Midas Pre-Cured Treads"

rubber products for the retreading industry.

"Midas Pre-Cured Treads"

manufactures a range of rubber products needed by the retreading industry.

"MRF Limited"

manufacturer of automotive tyres, conveyor belts and vapocure paints.

"MTC Metalocaucho, s.l."

manufacturer of rubber-metal pieces for the automotive industry.

"Nankang Tire"

truck, bus, industrial, scooter, passenger and motorcycle tires.

"National Tire Corporation"

tires and automotive accessories.

"Neumáticos Michelin, S.A."

manufactures and markets all rubber products brand, specially Michelin tires, and car accessories.

"Ngai Seng Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd."

manufacturer of tyre inner tubes and flaps for all type of passengers/commercial vehicles.

"Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd."

developes the technology centered on polymer materials, specially synthetic rubber and resins, bringing innovations in automotive, civil and cosmetics goods.

"Nitto Tire Corporation"

high-performance radial features a revolutionary unidirectional tread design that provides excellent wet weather performance and superior traction.


leading tire manufacturer in the CIS, Russia. Today, the Association produces annually twelve million different tires.

"Nokian Tires North America"

tire manufacturer: expert in northern conditions, offers passengers car and delivery van tyres, heavy tyres, bycicle tyres and retreading materials.


manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, filters and more for ships, industrial use, automotive industry. Design service.

"NRI Industries"

engineered products from recycled tires: automotive, transportation products, mats and flooring, rubber sheets.

"Pal-Tread Madrid, S.A."

manufacturer of retreaded tyres, distributors of any brand name new tyres, tyre service.

"Pawling Corporation"

architectural/construction, automotive, industrial products, custom extrusion, custom mixing.

"Penn-Tech Rubber Inc."

serving major manufacturers in industry such as appliance, automotive, construction, electronics, government, marine, recreational, utility and more.

"Performance Processing Company"

manufactures silicone and fluoroelastomer compounds. Valued customers base ranging from the medical to aerospace industries

"PG Rubber Limited"

gaskets, extrusions, rubber mouldings, rubber coverings.

"Phoenix AG"

manufactures industrial and automotive rubber products. Consulting/development and training service.

"Pirelli Neumáticos, S.A"

manufactures and markets tyres for any application.

"Pirelli Tyres"

performance road tyres, high-technology cables, long tradition in motorsport and its stylish calendar.

"Poseidon Products"

suppliers of a wide range of products made from tire derived recycled rubber, including providing material for new tire manufacturing.

"Prince Rubber and Plastics Co., Inc."

manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for the pulp and paper, heavy chemical, and OEM markets.

"Pyrope Industries Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of elastomer and rubber molded products for the construction and engineering, building and automotive industries.

"R D Rubber Technology Corporation"

specializing in precision molded rubber products for medical, food processing, military and aerospace, electronics and other high technology industries.

"Reka Rubber Ltd."

offers a wide spectrum of solutions from moulded products to heavy profiles and tailored, hand-made products. The main customer group is vehicle industry.

"Renko Canada"

rubber products from Renko can be found on roofs, windows, facades, ponds, automotives, floors, even under your shoes.

"RIALS, Fábrica Artículos Caucho, S.A."

manufacturer of technical rubber profiles for all industrial sectors though with particular emphasis on the automotive industry.

"RLT Industries"

global sourcing of plastic, rubber and metal components for aerospace, appliance, automotive and medical industries.

"Rolex Rubber Industries"

manufacturers and exporters of retreading materials.

"Rubber Age L.M. Manufacturing Inc."

manufactures custom rubber components and injection molding for the automotive, agricultural, industrial, medical, recreational, etc. industries.

"Rubber and Plastics"

supplying a range of industrial products and services to its many and varied customers in Ireland and beyond.

"Rubber King Tyres India"

Manufacturer and exporter of automotive butyl rubber tyre inner tubes, butyl curing air bags, tyre flaps, butyl rubber tire inner tubes, tire flaps by rubber king tyres India.

"Rubber Queen"

market leader for automotive accessories, including floor mats, plastic consoles and light truck accessories.

"Rubbermold, S.L."

manufacturer of molded rubber products. Development and design of technical products.

"Samwon Tire"

Korean manufacturers of rubber products such as automobile inner tubes, tire flaps, rubber sheet.

"Santa Fe Rubber Products, Inc."

manufactures molded and bonded rubber products for OEMS in the automotive, electronic, and fluid sealing fields.

"Sei Woo Rubber Products Pte Ltd"

producer of moulded rubber products and extruded profiles for the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, home appliances industries.

"SENNE Company"

manufacturers representatives and distributors of custom O.E.M. parts.

"Seven Stars Rubber Co., Ltd."

rubber tires including bicycle tires, wheelchair tires, scooter & motorcycle tires, industrial& agricultural tires, lawn & garden tires.

"Shanghai Lee Feng Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd"

manufactures car mats, door mats, and other household and automotive products.

"Shao Chi Enterprises Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of rubber parts and accessories for automobiles and motorcycles.

"Shercom Industries"

manufactures products from recycled tire rubber, including automotive ramps, curb ramps, parking curbs, wheel chocks and yardage markers.

"Shieh Chi Industrial Co., Ltd"

LPG rubber hose & assembly for car, planet, equipment, housing.

"Simex Aero"

manufacturer of aircraft tires.


manufacturer of quality polyurethane and rubber products.


manufactures tyres, wheels and tracks for specialized applications.

"Spain Rubber, S.L."

manufacturer of products for the tyre reconstruction. Site in spanish.

"Specialty Silicone Products Inc."

specialty silicone formulating, molding and extruding. Manufacturer of EMI shielding silicone rubber, silicone greases and compounds.


designs and manufactures systems for the automatic production of reinforced steel belts and fabrics for use in pneumatic rubber tires.


group of companies with diversified interests in manufacturing and trading of industrial rubber, retreat tyres, machinery and equipment.

"Superior Tire and Rubber Corp."

manufacturer of solid industrial polyurethane and rubber tires, wheels and designer of custom elastomer products.

"Swani Rubber Industries"

manufacturer of reclaimed rubber in India, serving a vaste range of market segments from cycle tyres and tubes to automobile tires to battery containers.

"Syntex Rubber Corporation"

standard or custom molded and stamped rubber parts for applications in automotive, electrical, aerospace, furniture, medical and more industries.

"T.Y. Cushion Tires"

manufacturer of cushioning solid and non-pneumatic tires for heavy machinery.

"Taguchi Rubber Group"

manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost customized rubber molded products. Headquatered in Tokyo with branches in Malaysia and Singapore.

"Tech Rubber Co., Ltd."

various rubber tires including towing truck, trailer, vehicle, ATV, light truck, mower, power lift truck, handling engine, racing car tires and more.

"Technic Group plc"

manufactures the largest range of retread tyres available, featuring a variety of modern tread patterns.

"Teknikum Yhtiöt Oy"

manufacturer of technical rubber products in Finland: molded products, hoses, rubber compounds, rubber glues.

"Teknor Apex"

rubber products and more: tires, custom rubber mixing, custom rubber molding for automotive, industrial, consumer, wire & cable, medical, tire and retread markets.

"Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Ltd."

natural rubber producer and exporter of both raw material for industrial use and finished products including tires and rubber gloves.

"The Gates Rubber Company"

manufacturer of automotive and industrial hose and connectors, belts, power transmission and more.

"The Kalpetta Estates Limited"

floor, vehicles and stables mats, produces from high quality natural rubber.


manufacturer of rubber products: tires, inner tubes, rubber technical goods, footwear rubber, chemical products.

"Titagarh Industries Ltd."

Panihati Rubber Limited, a member of the Titagarh Industries Group, manufactures Lead Moulded, Smooth Finish, High Tensile Yarn Braided Long Length Rubber Hoses.

"Titan International, Inc."

agricoltural equipment, consumer products, earthmoving/construction equipment, military components.

"Tofan Grup"

the biggest tyre manufacturer in Romania.

"Tokai Rubber Industries Co., Ltd."

lateral product supplies to different industries, such as automotive as the largest sector, office automation, communications, electronics, and more.

"Tong Yong Industrial Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of solid tire, rubber tires for fork lift, truck, special vehicle and excavator machines.

"Toyo Tire USA Corporation"

product line includes a complete range of fitments for passenger, light truck, medium, and heavy duty truck tires as well as giant off-the-road tires.

"Toyo Tyre U.K."

UK website of Toyo Corporation, manufacturer of tires with modern tyre design technology and production processes.


specialize in distributing quality precure tread rubber and other tread rubber products. Job opportunities.

"Trelleborg AB"

global industrial group with focus on comfort, safety and the environment: antivibration products, special tires, safety products, weatherproofing products

"Triumph Expolink India Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturer and exporter of inner tubes, chain and valves, flaps, tyres, curing bages.

"Tubi Gomma Torino s.p.a."

manufacturer of hoses for a a wide range of industrial applications and moulded hoses for the automotive industry.

"Union Rubber Industries"

tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters.


leading tyre manufacturer.

"Vernay Corporate"

manufacturer of precision-engineered fluid control components and assemblies to companies around the world.

"Vredestein Rubber Resources"

the major rubber processing company in the Netherlands: tyres, boots, extrusions profiles, compounds, rubber recycling, recycled rubber.

"Vulcan Corporation"

manufactures rubber and plastic materials for use in recreation, footwear, and automotive markets.

"Welton Rubber Company"

manufacturer/distributor of industrial rubber and related products.

"Wolmot Ltd."

executor of many years co-operative domestic and foreign agreements with Fiat Auto, Daewoo, Porche and more, offers pipes, rubber hoses.

"Wynn s International, Inc."

supplies rubber automotive and industrial components and specialty chemical products.

"Xuzhou Haipeng Tyres Co., Ltd."

one of the major tyre manufacturers and exporters in China.


the seventh largest tire manufacturer in the world.

"Yokohama Iberia, SA."

spanish site of this tyre manufacturer.

"Yoshino Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of conveyor belts.

"Zenith Rubber & Plastic Works"

manufactures various kinds of rubber hoses, sheets, mats.

"Zhejiang Haimen No.1 Rubber Plant"

the key enterprise for manufacturing rubber products of the automobile industry company of China.

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