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"Advances Rubber Molding, Inc."
custom rubber die cutting, metal prepping for rubber bonding, extrusions and sheet rubber, chemical or mechanical bonding, and more.

"Alliance Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd."

manufacturer of latex and nitrile examination gloves.

"Allstate Gasket Online"

value-added fluid seals for industrial plumbing, energy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

"Atlantic Rubber Company, Inc."

custom products, medical grade and industrial rubber products including o-rings, pure gum tubing and medical grade tubing.

"Bibby Sterilin"

manufacturers of laboratory products, including reusable and disposable labware in glass and plastics, bench top Scientific Equipment, silicone products.

"Blackwell Plastics, Inc."

custom injection molder and extrusion firm of engineering plastics and rubber. Full service including mold making and secondary operations.

"Chung Ta Rubber Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of parts for lamp, motor, electronic appliance, small household appliance, o-rings, dairy, food, chemical processing industries, coffemaker.

"Custom Service Labs"

designs and manufactures medical and industrial products: inflatable bladders, pipe plugs/stoppers, sleevers and tank liners.

"Deutsch & Neumann"

laboratory rubber and synthetic articles.

"Dongkuk Techco Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer of condoms; powdered, chlorinated and anti-static latex finger cots for electronic component and food handling; examination, cleanroom gloves.


production of rubber parts for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging and for medical devices.

"Filati Lastex Sdn Bhd"

latex threads used for narrow fabrics for the garments; baby and incontinence disposable diapers; furniture webbings; food nettings; health-care applications.

"Flexan Corporation"

specializes in custom molded rubber products. Food and water handling products, automotive and medical components, technical assistance.

"Griswold Rubber"

manufacturer of cellular rubber products and customer-designed compounds: sports & medicine, industrial products, computer accessories, die ejection materials.


canadian manufacturer of latex medical examination gloves and softmasks.

"HLN Rubber Products Ptd Ltd"

produce, customize and fabricate rubber components for industrial uses.

"Hygenic Corp."

manufacturer of natural and synthetic rubber tourniquets, tubing, and sheeting, for medical and industrial markets.

"Industrie Borla SpA"

italian manufacturer of plastic and rubber components for the medical industry.

"Infant World Ltd."

manufacturer of nipples for baby feeding bottles, teats/baglets for baby pacifiers and soothers, latex squeeze toys and teethers.

"J & J Trade Links"

exports natural rubber in the form of latex, crepe, sheet and block rubber; manufactures rubber products such as rubber mats, chappals, gloves, etc.

"Jeantet Elastomeres"

makes rubber moulded pieces in elastomers as well as ebonite moulded mouthpieces for pipes and musical instruments. In French and English.


manufactures latex exam gloves, extruded products, rubber rollers, rings, profiles, hoses, seals, paints and more.

"Lord Corporation"

designs, formulates, manufactures and markets adhesives, polyurethane coatings, and devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise.

"Marian, Inc."

leader in the production of components and products for electronics, automotive, telecommunications, appliance, and other industries, and medical diagnostics.

"Medical Rubber Products Sdn Bhd."

Manufactures Products For The Pharmaceutical, Electronics, And Other Industries.Produce Natural And Synthetic Rubber Products You Need.

"Medical Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd."

food & pharmaceutical rubber products, rubber products for electronic industries, tubing and hoses, sanitary products, moulding articles and more.

"Min An Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufactures industrial rubber gloves and boots and medical products, such as, Latex Tourniquets, Catheters and an Assortment of Customized Tubes.

"Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd"

world leader in the manufacturing of synthetic rubbers, synthetic latex, specialty chemicals, products used in the health, environment, information fields.

"Performance Processing Company"

manufactures silicone and fluoroelastomer compounds. Valued customers base ranging from the medical to aerospace industries


manufacturer of dry box gloves, laboratory gloves, and technical pieces in natural and synthetic rubber.

"Plasticoid Co."

manufactures molded rubber products, including laboratory stoppers, dropper bulbs and assemblies for medical, diagnostic, and veterinary industries.

"Primeline Industries"

manufacturer of dipped natural rubber latex tubing for medical, scientific, industrial, sport, rehab and therapy markets.


manufacturing Natural Rubber footwear and post operational support materials for Leprosy patients and for Diabetic and Orthopedic footwear and Supports.

"Pure Rubber Products"

specializes in custom molded elastomer parts, rubber bonding and molding, from prototype to full line assembly, expecially for medical customers.

"Quality Rubber/Silicone Products"

We manufacture rubber/silicone parts for medical items, laboratory items, electronical items, telecommunication, household, industrial and custom made items

"R D Rubber Technology Corporation"

specializing in precision molded rubber products for medical, food processing, military and aerospace, electronics and other high technology industries.

"Regent Medical"

Regent Medical, part of London International Group plc LIG, is a leading manufacturer of powder-free latex and non-latex gloves.

"RLT Industries"

global sourcing of plastic, rubber and metal components for aerospace, appliance, automotive and medical industries.

"Ronfell Group"

solid and liquid silicone rubber polymers, rubber and many rubber products for a wide range of applications.

"Rubber Age L.M. Manufacturing Inc."

manufactures custom rubber components and injection molding for the automotive, agricultural, industrial, medical, recreational, etc. industries.


manufacturer of natural rubber, silicon and elastomer nipples for babies and animals and products for the paramedical industry.

"Safeskin Corporation"

leading manufacturer of high quality disposable latex exam gloves for the medical, dental, scientific and high-technology markets in the US.

"Sei Woo Rubber Products Pte Ltd"

producer of moulded rubber products and extruded profiles for the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, home appliances industries.

"Stanley Gomez Sdn. Bhd."

medical products provider and gloves manufacturer.

"Sumirubber Industries Malaysia"

subsidiary of Sumimoto Rubber Industries, is a leading manufacturer of industrial, household, deproteinised, examination rubber gloves

"Syntex Rubber Corporation"

standard or custom molded and stamped rubber parts for applications in automotive, electrical, aerospace, furniture, medical and more industries.

"Ta Chia Rubber Ind. Corp Ltd."

manufacturer of Nitrile Gloves, Latex Surgicol Gloves, Latex Examination Gloves, Vinyl Examination Gloves.

"Takaso Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd"

manufacturer and exporter of babycare accessories and condoms.

"Teknor Apex"

rubber products and more: tires, custom rubber mixing, custom rubber molding for automotive, industrial, consumer, wire & cable, medical, tire and retread markets.

"Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Ltd."

natural rubber producer and exporter of both raw material for industrial use and finished products including tires and rubber gloves.

"Thai Rubber Latex Corp. (Thailand ) Pcl"

manufactures natural rubber latex, skim rubber and standard thai rubber for several end markets and examination gloves, rubber thread, infant products.

"TMP Technology Inc."

designs and manufactures highly engineered polyurethane foam, rubber and plastic products for the industrial, household, medical and more markets.

"Tory Red Cap"

finger tips for engraving, jewels manufacturing, fruit picking, electronic industry, counting money, mail order sorting, glass industry, medical.

"Universa Latex Products Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of Latex Examination Gloves, supplies powdered and powder-free gloves for medical and general purpose.

"Wimmer Gmbh"

baby bottle teats, rubber closures for pharmaceuticals, rubber parts for medical devices.

"Yung Hua Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd."

molded & extruding rubber products, silicon viton, o-rings, oil seal, backup rings, dentist rubberized grinding tips & industrial use grinding wheels.

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